August 03, 2017 11:25 AM

Being one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Justin Bieber is naturally a fashion trendsetter. Much like the KarJenners, while many may scoff at his daily ensembles, a surprising amount of Justin’s particular sartorial brand manages to trickle down to the masses over time nonetheless. For example, those drop-crotch harem pants that once upon a time the singer wouldn’t be caught dead without, his passion for every and any streetwear brand, ripped up flannel shirts, and prescription-less wire-rim glasses. Although to be fair, there’s also plenty of fashion risks he’s taken that haven’t paid off, like walking around city streets barefoot, huge, hooded fur coats, and tank tops modified into an impromptu sports bra. But given his chic predilections, it seems only right that the Biebz would team up with his stylist Karla Welch to bring his favorite basic, the classic white t-shirt, to the masses.

In a press release for the launch of their line of simple white tees with Hanes, Welch writes, “It all began with the phrase, ‘I need a long t-shirt, and I want it to be like this,’ from Justin Bieber. This was 5 years ago and there were no long shirts available…neither were drop crotch leather pants or leather hoodies (but that’s another story).  So we created them. We made them because that’s what we wanted. Justin was fearless and fun and we went crazy. And, people HATED it, until they LOVED it.”

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She continues, “There weren’t any quite long enough…so, I made a pattern that JB loved and set to work…the problem was that he was really picky about the fabric – loved this, didn’t like that…you know what he loved? HANES white cotton. So, I’d buy Hanes tees in the LARGEST size possible, we would cut them up and make the shirts out of the original fabric. LONG SHIRTS – to some you would think we committed a crime! But the fans loved them. To the point that I would get requests daily…of course, they weren’t available. THEN, long shirts started showing up at stores. Really FANCY stores, with really FANCY price tags (so did leather tanks and hoodies and pants)…I kept on making him shirts, tweaking them here and there.”

Which led to this totally organic collaboration collection between Welch and Hanes, a line of seven white tees for men and women, including the super long style Justin loves so much, the original, a sleeveless tank top, and cropped versions of all of the above, all retailing for an extremely reasonable $30.

She concludes, “These shirts are made to be worn, washed and worn again and again until they become as perfect as your favorite pair of jeans. Inspired by Justin and made by Me. We hope everyone will love them as much as we do!” The collection of white tees launched on Thursday morning at 9am on and for the moment are still totally in stock in all sizes, but we have a feeling once the Beliebers catch wind of these affordable basics exclusively worn by their fav that won’t last for too much longer.

Will you be buying one of these basic tees? Which is your favorite? What else would you like to see Bieber design? Sound off below!

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