The singer debuted his longer do on Instagram

Man buns may not be the safest hair style to sport these days, but Justin Bieber doesn’t seem to mind.

Justin Bieber manbun


The “Sorry” singer’s hair is now long enough to pull back in a topknot, a style which he debuted on Instagram Monday evening, leaving fans excited for man bun potential. His Brad Pitt-inspired cut with sheered sides has grown out since its VMAs debut, and it looks as though it can now be worn in topknot style. (Yes, he’s in the early stages of man bun territory.)

But fans didn’t just react to Bieber’s just-long-enough-for-a-man-bun hairstyle — they also wanted to know who the blonde was in the photo. Turns out, it’s Beiber’s close friend and travel companion Hailey Baldwin who was generous enough to give the singer a hair elastic to pull back his blonde mane. Other Beliebers ignored Hailey’s presence completely and begged the singer for a “Jelena” reunion.

In another Instagram shot, Bieber continued showing off his baby bun while sitting atop a rock ledge with his pal.

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Rounding out his Monday evening Instagram photo shoot, the singer shared yet another snapshot sans shirt, showing off his fresh tan and six pack to announce his new Snapchat account.

“Follow me on snapchat my username is rickthesizzler,” he wrote in the caption.

Oh, we will.

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–Sarah Kinonen