Jump-start the New Year with a Post-Holiday De-tox

Courtesy Ina

Indulging in holiday parties is definitely worth it, but there’s no denying that all those Christmas cookies and peppermint martinis can take their toll. Time for a little post-holiday de-tox! We’ve pulled together some of our favorite products to help get you back on track for the new year.

Who knows if it’s the white gold crystal salt sourced from the Himalayas or the mix of basil, fennel, and juniper oils, but a relaxing soak in a tub with INA Crystals White Gold Detoxifying Crystal Salt, $85, is reputed to be equivalent to a grueling three-day detox.

Adding a few droppers of vitamin-rich Pure Inventions concentrated fruit and tea extracts into your bottled water is an easy and delicious detox aid favored by stars like Madonna. And it’ll set you back just 50 cents a glass.

British brand Boots’ Detox 5-Day Plan kit, $20, kick-starts your immune system with vitamin-rich vials that neutralize toxins and support liver health — to get you back to your pre-holiday self.

Celeb favorite Bombilla & Gourd Maté Tea is organic, low in sugar, and contains high doses of antioxidants to boost immunity and get you set for 2008.

We’ve tried our share of beauty fixes that here at StyleWatch, but Guerlain’s Midnight Secret, $108, is one of our favorites for repairing the damage done by a late night out. Apply the serum to before bed and a few hours of beauty sleep are all you need.

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