What We're Buying: Author and Designer Julie Houts' Favorite Takeout Food

Pick up the phone and order yourself some of this delicious lo-mein ASAP

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Have you bought anything you loved lately? In the PeopleStyle offices, the answer to that question is usually “Yes.” (Just check out our shopping page for proof!) This week, we’re featuring the author and illustrator of Literally Me and former J. Crew designer. Here’s the item Julie Houts can’t live without!

Julie Houts, Author and Illustrator of Literally Me: “I love the #4 Lo Mein from Wing Hua Chinese Food Take Out & Free Delivery in Brooklyn, NY. Sometimes I’ll add chicken. Sometimes I’ll add broccoli. I go with my gut. I love it for its consistency and its gelatinous texture. Sure, I eat it and immediately feel like I might die. Sure, maybe I have to cancel all my plans for the next six hours and just lay in a fetal position watching Bravo reruns, an endeavor for only the truly deranged. Maybe I can’t button my pants the next day. But in the 15 (or let’s be honest maybe sometimes I can do it in 10?) minutes it takes me to eat #4 Lo Mein, I am truly living my best life.”

Lo Mein
Julie Houts

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Check out Julie Houts’ book of satirical essays and colorful drawings for women living in the social media era and be sure to follow her Instagram for more creative and stylish updates!

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