In a brave move for any bride-to-be, Julianne Hough is leaving it up to her fans which wedding dress she'll wear on her big day

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated November 19, 2015 07:01 PM

Choosing a wedding dress is simultaneously the most fun — and most stressful — part of wedding planning for many brides-to-be. Gone are the days of exclusive bridal boutiques with super-limited stock — now the entire world of wedding dresses is at your fingertips, and Pinterest allows you to second-guess yourself long after you’ve finally made a decision. Narrowing down the options from infinity to two or three is enough to make even the most zen bride sweat. That’s why Julianne Hough’s decision to place this major decision on the shoulders of her fans is actually brilliant.

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Hough is a busy woman. Not only is she in the midst of her judging duties for Dancing With The Stars, but she’s also running her own lifestyle blog and trying to plan a wedding at the same time. So, it’s only natural that the dancer would want to take one major life decision off her plate.

In a blog post on her website yesterday, Hough asked her readers, “What’s My Bridal Style?” offering up five of her favorite dresses, all from BHLDN, each in a completely different style, including Romantic, Boho, Classic, Non-Traditional, and Chic. She even created a mood board for each dress complete with an assortment of accessories to help her fans understand the type of look she’d want to achieve. (Below, check out Boho, Classic and Romantic, to give you a glimpse into her choices.)

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Hough enlisted her readers to come to her rescue, saying, “I hope you have as much fun checking these out as I did throwing it all together. And please — I want your honest opinion! What kind of bride do YOU think I should be? Which is your favorite?? Help!” Obviously, Hough would look gorgeous in any of these looks and as she put it, “When it comes to style I find myself fitting into all of these categories — it just depends on what day it is!” Sounds like this battle for the best dress may end up being stressful after all.

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Which of Julianne’s dresses is your favorite? Would you let someone else pick your wedding dress

–Emily Kirkpatrick