In this week’s installment of her exclusive behind-the-scenes photo diary for PEOPLE,
judge Julianne Hough goes really bright — from her canary yellow gown to her hot pink hair. And her vibrant look happens to be perfect for week six’s Spring Break theme. Read on for all the scoop from Hough, plus her glam squad, stylist Anita Patrickson, hairstylist Riawna Capri and makeup artist Spencer Barnes.

Credit: Courtesy Julianne Hough

Courtesy Julianne Hough

Once again, Hough’s look was inspired by her hottest new accessory — her pink tresses.

“When we fit her in this Jenny Packham dress, Julianne had just gotten her hair dyed,” Anita Patrickson tells PEOPLE. “We had originally thought her hair would be pink for a week, and then she’d go back to being blonde, but when we tried the dress on with her hair pink it looked so amazing she decided to keep it especially for this dress.”

She summarizes Hough’s look as “sexy, quirky and anime,” and it’s definitely a bit different from anything we’ve seen on the star so far. According to Patrickson, it’s also a great lesson on the importance of paying attention to how your hair color affects your wardrobe.

“When you have a brightly-colored head of hair, it’s really all about finding the tones that work,” the stylist explains. “While you are rocking a certain hue, you may need to put certain pieces of clothing to the side until you have your natural color back. Hold colors up to yourself in the mirror and see what works and what doesn’t — it really is just a case of trial and error. There may even be some colors that look amazing now that you weren’t able to wear before.”

Julianne Hough DWTS style

Courtesy Julianne Hough

Hough’s hair guru Riawna Capri adds that the yellow dress “was a perfect juxtaposition for the pink hair.”

“The biggest challenge was maintaining Jules’s pink to stay vibrant for the show,” she tells PEOPLE. “We would chalk it up before the show to maintain the brightness.”

To refresh her hue, Capri uses Evo hair color, a temporary dye that’s easy to get out when “you are done with being a unicorn.” (Shop Hough’s exact formula for #UnicornPink here.)

“She looked like a doll so much, and she didn’t really feel like herself,” Capri says of Hough’s reaction to the look. “She’s usually more effortless and free, but tonight was perfect and polished.”

Her makeup artist Spencer Barnes says cherry blossoms and anime were the inspiration behind her bold beauty moment.

“Falling in line with the show’s Spring Break theme, tonight’s look could be described as springtime cherry blossoms in Tokyo with a wink at the anime aesthetic,” Barnes says. “I wanted to create crisp dark brows and a deep dark lash line with very little shadow on the eyes, plus, bold lips paired with radiant pinks on Julianne’s cheeks to complement her ‘fun-tastic’ hair color.”

To create the look, he used Merle Norman’s ProPen and Wicked Lash Mascara for the “perfected eyeliner and thick dark lashes,” and stayed away from bronzer “to keep Julianne looking fresh.”

He also teased that another hair change is pending for the 26-year-old star. “Julianne is always full of surprises — and this hair color was something she’s been dreaming about doing for sometime. Tonight after the show, we will be back in Riawna’s Melrose Place salon, Nine Zero One, for more hair surprises!”

Julianne Hough DWTS style

Courtesy Julianne Hough

As for the getting ready process, Hough had a special visitor in her trailer.

“Julianne’s mother flew in to support and watch her two children perform,” Barnes says. “Julianne entertained us with stories of Derek and her mom running all over N.Y.C. and through the airport just to make the flight due to transportation issues. They made it just as they gate was closing.”

And or course, her two adorable dogs got a front row view to all the glamorous action, but seemed unimpressed by the whole process as they napped on the couch.

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–Brittany Talarico