Julianne Hough's Hairstylist Reveals All the Details Behind Her 'Chic' New Bob and Bangs

Julianne Hough's hairstylist Riawna Capri shares the exclusive scoop on her bold new look

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When Julianne Hough debuted red hair in February, we didn’t think she could possibly top that mane transformation any time soon. But now that the star has stepped out with a new blunt bob, we realized we underestimated the hair chameleon and her trusted stylist, Riawna Capri — and immediately reached out to the pro for all the scoop on Hough’s brand new do.

“Detaching from what you know can be challenging, but also so freeing,” wrote Hough when she revealed her new look on Instagram.

“The best thing about hair is how you get to create, play and just have fun with it! So here is a new look, courtesy of frizzy ends needing a clean cut after going from red to blonde.”


While Hough chalks her hair change up to her frayed ends after returning to blonde, Capri says the duo had long been been discussing a big switch.

“A year or so before her wedding, we decided to start growing her hair out for her ceremony, but she and I have been talking about bangs for a while,” Capri told PEOPLE. “She said she hadn’t had them for like 11 years!”

Capri knows that if any of her clients can handle a major mane change, it’s Hough — but the pro, who’s cut similar looks for Nina Dobrev and Vanessa Hudgens in the past — was still concerned about the maintenance that comes with having bangs.

“It’s a lot of work, but also the length of Julianne’s hair wouldn’t have worked with bangs before. Once we settled on this this blunt, chic bob, I was like, ‘Okay, we can do it. Let’s go for it!'”


The best friends sent inspo photos “back and forth over text for two weeks,” Capri reveals. “It’s really collaborative, doing a big change like this.”

And they took the cut itself super-slow to ensure Hough had no regrets. “We spent like two hours on it. I started small and worked my way up. When you do a big change like this, it’s always good for a hairstylist to build that trust with her client. If I would have just chopped it off from the get-go, there might have been doubt. I am really big on taking the time to do it slowly but surely. When you do, they’re obsessed and they love it, versus, boom! Then it’s like, ‘Oh! Wait! Did I go too short? Maybe I went too short! Oh no!'”

After nearly a foot of hair was on the floor — Hough had nothing but excitement. “She was bouncing around the salon — she loved it.”

And though Hough was grateful, Capri says it was she who was more thankful.

“I am an artist at heart. So for me to change all the time keeps me on my toes,” she shared. “I have never done this hair cut on her, and I texted her that night, ‘thank you so much,’ because some people go to one person for a cut, and another for color — but she chooses me for all of it, and it’s such a great feeling.”

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