Asos actually recruited the original designer to bring it back from the vault

By Alexis Bennett
May 02, 2017 06:07 PM
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We knew that the ’90s were making a comeback when chokers and brown lip liner started to pop up all over the place. Oh, and we can’t forget about mom jeans. But the resurgence of the cut-out dress that Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman confirms that the decade’s fashion trends are here to stay.

Remember the look Roberts’s character was wearing when she was asked to leave that fancy boutique on Rodeo Drive? Well, Asos teamed up with Hunza G (the actual brand that created the now-iconic look), and together they are helping us channel our inner Vivian Ward. The dress, which is currently available in black and white, is called the Crinkle Iconic Mini Beach Dress.

As for the price tag: It’s not very expensive,” but you’d better have $215 to spend in here (or, at least, on the Asos website). Bonus: You can double up on this look by reusing it for Halloween. All you’ll need is a red shirt to tie around your waist and a blonde wig. You might as well head over to the to grab a piece of history before it’s too late.

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This article originally appeared on