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The name “Julia Roberts” invokes many connotations: Movie star. America’s Sweetheart. Biggest smile in Hollywood. And if you didn’t immediately think “high fashion supermodel,” you can now add that to the list, as the 47-year-old actress has just landed the Givenchy spring/summer 2015 ad campaign.

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But the star’s famous smile isn’t on display in the Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott-shot ads, which Joe Zee pointed out in his Yahoo! Style interview with Roberts and Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci. And Tisci, who has dressed Roberts for many a red carpet (including the Oscars) wanted it that way. “She has the most beautiful smile in the world and I love it, but it’s Julia’s sensibility that interests me,” Tisci says. “For me, the Julia in these pictures is the real one you see every day. They’re really honest portraits of her.”

For him, that meant giving her a less glam, more androgynous look, which he says is much more in line with the star’s personal style. “People want to see Julia in the way she is on screen, but in real life she’s much more tomboyish, no make up,” he says. “This was an iconic moment because she is an icon.”

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Roberts, for her part, is getting a kick out of the ascension to supermodel-dom. “My sister and I were actually just on the phone, and we were laughing so hard,” Roberts says. “She goes, ‘How are you suddenly turned into a supermodel? You’re almost 50.’ It’s funny.”

The actress hadn’t met Tisci before the shoot, and confesses that she was a little nervous to try her hand at his brand of haute couture. “He’s in an industry that I find very intimidating and elusive — just like the good-looking girl in high school. The whole fashion industry is that to me,” she says. “[Tisci]’s so sweet … [the clothes] were so beautiful, and they’re all so impeccable. Trends and I never shall meet; I just can’t quite pull it off! That’s why I love a suit. That’s why I love impeccable tailoring and really perfect fabrics.”

And in the end, she loves the photos, even if she still hasn’t quite come to terms with her new gig. “It’s impossible for me to be totally objective and not make four or seven jokes right now. I wish I looked like that!” she says. “If you could see me right now, you’d be laughing so hard … I love that they wanted it to be sort of cool, edgy, and boyish. I was happy to serve because it’s nice to be different.”

Read more from the pair here, then tell us: What do you think? Is she a good fit for the ads?

–Alex Apatoff

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