By Monique Jessen
Updated September 19, 2008 12:00 PM

Dave M. Benett/Getty

Jude Law denies he’s a fashionista, but he sure does know how to rock a tailored suit. At the opening of Bourdon House, the ‘London Home of Alfred Dunhill’ on Tuesday night, the face of the brand paired his navy single-breasted suit with, in his own words “a really cheap T-shirt.” It’s a modern take on dressing up, but he’s a traditional guy at heart, telling PEOPLE: “I think men lost something when they stopped wearing hats and suits,” reminiscing back to tales of his grandfather who would wear a full three piece suit and hat every day to work in his candy shop. “A hat is also something slightly effeminate, the way you wear your hat, it’s very personal — I love the quaint traditionalism of that.” His two sons (Rafferty, 11 and Rudy, 6) stand to inherit more than just their dad’s sense of style, as he’s a self confessed hoarder and has several items in storage for his boys, such as the tuxedo he wore to his first Academy Awards. And then there are some more unusual items: “I keep many clothes from my films. My favorite is my plastic suit from Artificial Intelligence: AI,” confessed the actor. “I kept the whole suit and actually when you look at it, it’s disgusting, it really is a piece of plastic.”