Shop the actor's new line on August 1

Credit: Source: Josh Brolin/Instagram

One look at Josh Brolin’s Instagram feed and you quickly learn that he works out — a lot. The actor is always either posing shirtless, flexing his guns for the camera or showing off his ridiculously intense workouts on Instagram videos. So clearly, he knows a thing or two about a good sweat session. And now he’s expanding his fitness know-how with a new athletic clothing line, Prevail Activewear, that he started with his wife, Kathryn Brolin.

Credit: Courtesy Prevail Activewear

The line will feature men’s, women’s and children’s tees, tanks, hoodies and hats and will completely enhance your workout. Brolin teased on Instagram that Prevail is: “An apparel which induces total insanity, enables you to talk in tongues, and uber-familiarizes you with your package. Our goal is to live in the gym, never leave, consume only from shaker bottles, and pose in front of a myriad of mirrors until we melt from narcissism gigantica. Our hope is that we sell everything so we’ll be left with nothing to wear.”

Jokes aside, the new line is mainly focused on giving back — 50 percent of the proceeds will benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation.

“Children are our hope and there is nothing worse than seeing a child suffer,” the mission statement reads. “We have a very basic and visceral goal: help children.”

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The name and symbol of the line, the Norse rune symbol Uruz, represent the spirit of rejuvenation. “We take, collectively, anything considered an obstacle and we push forward into a new light, a new vigor, and a revitalized manifestation. The bull (oxen) symbolizes that relentless pushing forward toward contentment and harmony.”

You can get your hands on the collection when it launches August 1.

What do you think of Brolin’s new line? Are you excited to shop it?