Why Jordyn Woods Is the Modeling Industry's Next 'It' Girl

Kylie Jenner's BFF is making her mark on the modeling world

Photo: Courtesy Lovesick

You probably know Jordyn Woods as one of Kylie Jenner’s ride or die squad members. ‘Heir Jordyn‘ is all over King Kylie’s Instagram and Snapchat, and the duo shares the same strong passion for all things fashion and beauty. What you might not know is Jordyn landed her first modeling contract after being scouted by an agent on Instagram — and her career is about to totally skyrocket!

Sure she loves to twin with her BFF — we all do — but she’s carving her own path in the fashion world with a new role: ambassador for Torrid’s new brand called Lovesick, for girls ranging from sizes 10 to 26.

Courtesy Lovesick

Below we talk to the rising model about her latest platform, plus her style icons, tips for the ultimate selfie, and yes, what she thinks about the KyShadow palette.

How important was it for you to collaborate with a size-inclusive brand?
“Growing up it was always difficult for me to find clothing that I felt was cute and fit in with everyone else. I feel like Lovesick provides trendy clothing that will make girls feel good about themselves. They can go to the store and find something for them and feel confident in it. It’s an amazing brand.”

The “Plus Size” label is hotly debated. What goes through your mind when you hear it?
“It’s something that I learned to not let affect me. It’s such a crucial time where the industry is evolving and a lot more people are actually starting to use the word curve or just model which I think is amazing. I know it will take time to change so I am hoping that we start making people aware of what is true in society and then authentically and organically it will change over time.”

Who do you look up to in the modeling industry?
“It’s just crazy because I never really paid attention to this industry until I was in it. And I pull inspiration from almost every other model. I work with amazing models. I worked with Ashley Graham who is kind of the face of the curve industry right now. I just pull inspiration from all the females I work with because they are all powerful and talented and have true confidence. Not really one person in particular but just us as a whole.”

Tell me about being scouted on Instagram?
“My now agent reached out through the contact email on my Instagram page. I am so fortunate that that happened and I did have a contact email because now I am here. I never thought I would be here today.”

How are you using platforms like Instagram build your brand?
“Social media is one of the greatest tools we have right now in this generation because we can use our voice and spread a message just by putting up a post. With my Instagram I hope to post positive things that help brighten people’s day whether it’s just a selfie or a picture of me in a bathing suit. It’s cool to be curvy. Curvy girls should be cool and confident.”

Courtesy Lovesick

What are your top three tips for the perfect selfie?
“Find your angle. Find your lighting and then find your setting. I just mean maybe have something cool in the background of your selfie or make sure it’s not too crazy in the background so you look just right.

Who do you turn to for style inspiration?
“My friends are my style icons as well as people on Instagram and just people walking down the street — or when I go to New York and I see how people dress. I feel like I pull inspiration from all of the people I come across. I will see someone wear something and be like, ‘Oh it’s cute let me make it my own way and wear this.'”

How does Kylie and your friend squad inspire your style?
“We all inspire each other. Some days I will look at my friend and I will be like, ‘You know you look really cute today. I am going to try to dress with your vibe as well.’ So in a way that’s how they inspire my style. We are all kind of cohesive.”

Do you all take each other’s OOTD photos?
“I have whoever I am with take a photo of me really fast and we will take a ton. If they work out, they work out. If they don’t we try it a different time.”

Courtesy Lovesick

What’s your go to summer outfit?
“I don’t like to wear anything too tight during the summer because it’s very warm and sweaty and I feel like I want to be free. I like wearing either a loose boyfriend jean with a crop top and sneakers. Or maybe a cute little summer dress.”

You’re also amazing at doing your own makeup. Where did you learn?
“Growing up I was always the tomboy. I was never into makeup, hair extensions, nothing. I didn’t care. And then as I got older I started hanging out with some of my friends who just wore makeup all the time and wore hair extensions and they introduced me to that world. Through Youtube videos I learned how to do my own makeup.”

Okay, so tell us about the KyShadow palette. We know you’ve been wearing it secretly for months.
“I have tried the Kyshadow palette. She’s been working on it for forever. It’s perfect. They’re the perfect everyday colors for a natural or like dramatic smoky eye.”

Your brows are next level. They should have their own Snapchat filter. What’s your grooming secret?
Thank you! Brows are like the biggest thing to me. I feel like they really make a face. My brows are actually going through a transition phase right now. I haven’t got them done for like two or three months, because I had an experience where I was at a shoot and the makeup artist looked at me and he goes, ‘You know you have the brows of a 40-year-old housewife,’ and I was like, ‘What is that supposed to mean?’ I was traumatized. He said, ‘I just mean you have very defined brows and you are young so you should not touch them and see what happens.’ Since that day I haven’t touched my brows.”

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