The star talks her holiday plans with love Jason Derulo - and what he teases her about


Slaven Vlasic/Getty

Jordin Sparks is always in some version of our ideal party outfit on the red carpet, so we were psyched to get her take on what to wear now that holiday soirée season is in full swing. And we were equally surprised by her answer.

“In my downtime you can give me a pair of cute sweatpants and a tank top and I’ll be the happiest girl ever,” she tells PEOPLE, noting that while she loves to get dressed up for the red carpet, it’s not what she ordinarily gravitates to — much to love Jason Derulo’s amusement. “I love to wear sneakers, but I’m a size 11 so I go to the men’s section to get a pair that doesn’t hurt my feet. Jason’s so funny — he’ll be like, ‘Can you try wearing some cute flats or, what do you call those, gladiators?'”

Perhaps Sparks can expect a pair of gladiators under the tree from Derulo this year; after all, he’s spending the holiday with her family for the first time. “I’m so excited,” she said — and when asked if they’d be in matching Christmas PJs, she lit up. “That’s such a good idea! I should totally do that this year.” (We’ll be checking Instagram for the promised photo, Jordin!)

Also on her holiday agenda: As much exercise as she can squeeze in (“It’s hard for everybody — you love the food, you wanna cuddle, it’s hard to stay motivated. But you want to balance everything.”). And of course, lots of family time, whether it’s decorating the tree or torturing her little brother as he plays video games (“He never lets me play. I hold him back. He’s like, ‘Jordin, get out of here!'”) Sparks says that’s why she prefers playing games like Animal Crossing: New Leaf on her Nintendo 3DS — she can get into it solo during downtime, and the fashion element is fun for her too.

Speaking of fashion, any big party dress plans for New Year’s? None yet, she says, though she’s got some ideas in mind. Though she’d be hard-pressed to top a Sparks/Derulo Christmas jammies moment, that’s for sure.

Does your significant other ever tease you about your clothes? What’s your favorite thing to wear at the holidays?

–Alex Apatoff