Jon Cryer's Wife Jokes that the Man Who Found His Wedding Ring 'May Have Saved a Marriage'

"It was meant to be. We're not meant to lose that ring. We've been through too much with each other," says the actor's wife of 13 years, Lisa Joyner

When Jon Cryer lost his wedding band on a pathway along the sea in Vancouver, he thought his chances of finding it again were hopeless. But with the help of a metal detector and Chris Turner from The Ring Finders, which specializes in finding lost rings, the day was saved, and Cryer's wife was very happy.

"Chris you not only found a ring. You may have saved a marriage. That ring meant so much. It has so many memories behind it. Now Jon go get it resized!" Cryer's wife of 13 years Lisa Joyner tells PEOPLE.

Joyner says that her husband "sheepishly" called her on Saturday morning from the park as he was searching for the lost band after he unsuccessful in finding it the night prior.

"I was sad. I was sad but I didn't want to make him feel any worse because I knew how bad he felt," she says.

Jon Cryer ring
Chris Turner

But the fact that Cryer was putting so much effort into finding the wedding band again made Joyner "love him even more."

Once her husband found the ring buried in a patch of grass, Joyner says he "texted her a picture [that] said, 'Good morning. I found it.'"

Jon Cryer ring
Chris Turner

"I was really happy. I was mostly happy for him because I knew he was really sad about it," Joyner says. "It was meant to be. We're not meant to lose that ring. We've been through too much with each other. I felt so relieved."

Joyner believes the reason Cryer's ring slipped off is because his "fit fingers" tend to shrink in size when he spends time in the Vancouver cold weather. So now she's brainstorming new ways he can wear his band without risk of losing it.

"I'm thinking maybe put the ring on a chain around your neck may work. There's also these little grippy things that you can put on the inside of rings. [He] may want to slide that on there. It's going to be tricky though because at some point he's going to start shooting and they're going take it off [him]," Joyner says. "So there's another opportunity for him to lose it. Fingers crossed baby, fingers crossed!"

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