JoJo talks Jordan's hair, wedding dress shopping and more

By Lindy Segal
July 14, 2017 10:21 AM

A year ago, JoJo Fletcher was searching for love on The Bachelorette, where she met fiancé Jordan Rodgers — and America fell for both her and her cool-girl style. Fast forward roughly 365 days, and the couple is living in Dallas, traveling around the country for TV appearances and still as in love as ever (which, apparently, has only made JoJo’s hair longer and prettier). We caught up with JoJo at the St. Ives Mixing Bar in N.Y.C., where shoppers can make custom scrubs and body lotions through September 30, to talk all about her skincare and beauty secrets, as well as get the latest on her relationship with Jordan — including a wedding update!

JoJo Fletcher at the St. Ives Mixing Bar
Credit: Courtesy St. Ives

For JoJo, teaming up with the skincare brand was a natural pairing. “St. Ives has been a part of my regimen for so long, I think it was the first scrub I ever used. It was also Jordan’s which is really funny.” And although you can pick different scrub strengths at the bar, JoJo isn’t afraid to really go for it. “I can handle a deep scrub. I like to feel like everything has been scrubbed away from my face.”

When it comes to products, she’s not afraid to try new things. “I think some people are scared to try a bunch of different products, but fortunately my skin isn’t very sensitive, so I experiment with everything.” Still, her daily routine is relatively simple. “I’m always washing my face in the morning, I do a toner, serum. Sunscreen is really important. And then just moisture.” The essentials she keeps in her bag are all in the same vein: “I love a good face mist, a moisturizer, Chapstick. The basics so I don’t feel like I’m not going to completely dry out, because I travel a lot.”

While her skincare regimen has stayed fairly constant, since JoJo first appeared on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, her beauty routine has definitely changed. “It’s night and day how much better I’ve gotten at putting on my own makeup,” she admits, adding that her brows have improved the most in the last two years. “If you would have seen my eyebrows, they would have been a mess, I never paid attention to them. But just knowing not to overfill them or over-line them, and not making them too dark [is something I’ve learned].”

JoJo Fletcher at the St. Ives Mixing Bar
Credit: Startraks Photo

Of course, both she and her fiancé are known for their gorgeous hair, but who actually gets asked about it more? “I would say I probably do, but I’m sure he secretly does and doesn’t talk about it. He has amazing hair.” And yes, he #wokeuplikethis. “Jordan takes no time at all [to get ready]. His hair has that volume when he wakes up. Hashtag blessed.”

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JoJo’s long waves, on the other hand, take slightly more maintenance — but not that much. “If I notice it getting really dry, I’ll do a hair mask. I try not to put heat on my hair more than two or three times a week, so a lot of dry shampoo comes into play. My curls will last for two to three days so I don’t have to always rewash it.” And if you’re wondering if she’d ever cut it off à la BFF Becca Tilley, the answer is … “Yeah! I would for sure cut it. I’ve actually gone back and forth on chopping my hair I just haven’t pulled the trigger on it.”

We’ll keep an eye on JoJo’s Instagram for that big reveal — something she’ll likely enlist Jordan’s help on. “He’s very patient with me. If I need to take a fun photo, he will sit there and he will take like 100 photos. Because let’s be honest, you never get the one you like on the first try. I’m just being real.”

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And although the two have been engaged for a year, they haven’t set a wedding date…yet. “I’m enjoying being a fiancé and letting him court me, and when the timing is right then we’ll do it,” JoJo says. Even so, she admits to looking at wedding dresses from time to time, even though she can’t pinpoint a style she loves just yet. “I feel like [my style] changes every other day. First it’s the mermaid, then it’s a really simple one, then it’s the ballgown. No idea what it’s gonna end up being, but I’m hoping that it’s true what everyone says that as soon as you put it on, then you’ll know.”

Do you like JoJo’s low-key beauty philosophy? Are you excited to see what wedding dress she ultimately chooses?