The two-time Olympic figure skater won't let anyone bring him down
Credit: Gustavo Caballero/Getty

Johnny Weir is calling out his cyber bullies one by one. The television host and two-time Olympic figure skater proved he will not be a victim to Internet hate by addressing a negative commenter head on.

Weir posted an Instagram photo of himself wearing a pink feathered coat with the following hurtful comment featured in bold text across the photo. “You give gay people a bad name!! You are a bad drag queen, and not pretty! You come off as a sad faggoth! Shame on you!!! -Gary D. Miller.”

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Weir responded with a poignant personal message directed at Gary D. Miller.

“This message was sent to me today,” he wrote. “I don’t feature being called a “faggot”. This has to stop, this jealousy and hatred from within my own community is stunting our growth. I wear the clothes that I like and clothes that entertain which is my job. At home, I am not this person⬆️. I can wear whatever I want because I can. If you aren’t interested in me stop following me. I work on television, fly around the world all year to different events. What do you do Gary? I gain strength from these messages. Be smart and stronger people. Nothing matters but YOU. #armyof1″
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Weir isn’t the only public figure to take a stance against cyber-bullying in recent weeks. Gabby Douglas, Kim Kardashian West and Justin Bieber have all hit back at negativity from their followers. Kylie Jenner even blocked her comments for a few weeks as her way of hitting back at haters.

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