What do you think of his new gig?

Natalie Portman. Charlize Theron. Johnny Depp. What do they all have in common? Besides being Oscar nominees, of course. No, besides being multimillionaires. Besides being romantically involved with very artistic people. Fine, we’ll just answer for you: As of today, they’re all faces of Dior’s fragrances.

johnny depp dior

Karwai Tang/Wireimage

The partnership between Dior and Depp is “a major first” for both, according to a Dior press release — it will be their debut men’s fragrance as well as Depp’s inaugural time fronting a beauty product. The scent, composed by Francois Demarchy, will arrive (along with the sure-to-be Depptacular advertising campaign) in September.

More and more, famous dudes are fronting fragrance ad campagins — think Colin Farrell for D&G Intenso, Theo James for Boss Parfums, Scott Eastwood for Davidoff Cool Water or Michael B. Jordan for Axe. And it makes sense, as you want to get close enough to all those guys to get a sniff of their cologne.

Depp’s scent, however, seems a little harder to pin down. Is it a hint of the ocean coupled with pounds of matted fake hair, from the Pirates of the Caribbean set? A favorite, rumpled vest? A mysterious but intriguing breeze on a summer day? We can’t wait to find out.

What do you think Depp smells like? Are you excited about his new job?

–Alex Apatoff

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