John Stamos Splits His Pants Mid-Performance, Discovers the True Meaning of Jesse & the Rippers

The actor suffered a wardrobe malfunction while on stage with his band


Living your life under the scrutiny of the public eye comes with its own peculiar set of perils. There’s the hordes of fans everywhere you go, which can make even popping out to the grocery store for some milk a debacle of epic proportions, the total lack of privacy that naturally accompanies possessing such an instantly recognizable face, and of course, the inevitable moment when your most embarrassing moments are photographed in great detail for all of the world to see.

And while wardrobe malfunctions are generally relegated to female celebrities, whose ensembles require a lot more fancy rigging, men aren’t exempt from the various foibles of their ensembles either. A tough lesson John Stamos had to find out onstage during a recent performance.

The actor did a show with his band at the NYCB theatre in Westbury, New York on Sunday night as part of a string of engagements he’s been doing paying tribute to all of the Beach Boys’ greatest hits. While rocking out on guitar mid-jam sesh, Stamos suddenly was hit with a sinking suspicion that all was not quite well with his perfectly tailored trousers, writing on Instagram, “…and then, somewhere towards the end of Fun, Fun, Fun – I felt a slight breeze in the buttocks area….#SplitPants #TheBeachBUNS #showmustgoon”

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In the video he posted to his account, you can see the precise moment the Fuller House star realized what he was feeling wasn’t just the AC suddenly kicking in, but an all-too-literal interpretation of the name of his sitcom character’s band on the show, Jesse and the Rippers. It seems Stamos was getting his groove on a little too forcefully, half-turning around while singing the chorus only to realize his pants had betrayed him via a large rip down the center of his seat. But he played it off like an old pro, briefly reaching back to to verify the split before shrugging his shoulders and getting back to business. As they say, exposed boxer-briefs or no, the show must go on.

Have you ever ripped your pants? How did you handle it? Sound off below!

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