The actor gave himself a trim in his Berlin hotel room

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated January 05, 2017 09:16 AM
Credit: Source John Stamos/Instagram

Since his days as Uncle Jesse, John Stamos has become almost synonymous with his flop of absurdly thick and luxurious, slicked back, raven-hued hair. It certainly helped that his Full House character has a bonafide love affair going on with his pocket comb. But while you would think that iconic coif takes hours of primping and polishing, handled only by the most prestigious and expert of hair handlers, as it turns out Stamos actually does all his own styling as evidenced by his latest Instagram.

The actor posted a Boomerang to social media on Wednesday night depicting himself giving his best brooding stare at his own reflection through a thick pair of black frames while clad in a white terry cloth robe in the bathroom of his hotel in Berlin, Germany. In the GIF, Stamos takes a strand of his distinguished locks in his right hand, steadily snipping away at his hair with the practiced precision of a young Vidal Sassoon.

In the caption for the post showing off his unrivaled aesthetician skills, the Fuller House star writes, “DIY #haircut #berliner,” that last hashtag obviously being a reference to the European city he currently finds himself in, but also likely an allusion to another man with an illustrious head of hair, John F. Kennedy who famously said upon visiting the city “Ich bin ein Berliner.” So if the producers of Jackie are looking to make a sequel, we think we may have found your pompadoured man.

Did you know that John Stamos cuts his own hair? Would your hair look this good if you cut it yourself? Sound off below!