Because his "how to handwash" Snapchat was the greatest thing we've ever seen

By Catherine Kast
October 05, 2016 07:09 PM
Courtesy The Laundress

It was in March of 2016 that John Mayer first showed the world his love of laundry, posting an in-depth tutorial on hand washing his white tees on Snapchat. “Last fall, I decided I was going to see how long seven white tee shirts could last me without getting ruined,” the singer said as he massaged his Sea Island cotton tees in a sink with Le Labo-scented detergent by the fancy  laundry-slash-lifestyle brand The Laundress. He deemed it a “home-economics project,” and called the process “meditative.” Now, Mayer has taken his love of laundry to the next level (yes, that’s something that’s possible), collaborating with The Laundress on a special product duo that gives back to his home state of Montana, and it’s available right now!

The Laundress x John Mayer fabric wash and spray set, called OUT WEST, retails for $35, with 50% of proceeds go to the Montana Association of Land Trusts, or MALT.

This collaboration is for real: Mayer cares a lot about textiles. He’s even said clothes are his friends. We’re not kidding: “I’ve brought jackets on trips as a companion,” is something he told GQ last year. “…Me and my jacket have seen some weird s–t.”

We can’t wait to smell it. What might the scent be? Woodsy? Wild? Like a Wonderland? All of the above.

It’s described on the site as “addictive,” and the “ultimate fresh, clean laundry smell with rich tones of the West.” For those of you wondering exactly what “the West” smells like, it’s less In-N-Out Burger and more “crisp and powdery notes with undertones of sandalwood, leather, and amber surrounded by spice, patchouli, and musk.”

So now, while he’s handwashing his special Tibetan robes with this new delightful product, we’ll be right there with him.