John Mayer, Beauty Vlogger: The Singer's Snapchat Beauty Tutorial Will Blow Your Mind

The musician gave away all his skincare secrets

Photo: John Mayer/Snap Chat

When you hear the phrase “beauty industry influencer,” a list of names probably instantly springs to mind. It might be Pat McGrath with her endlessly inventive cosmetic creations, or Mario Dedivanovic’s contouring prowess, or even Kylie Jenner and her forever sold out cosmetics line. But there’s one industry expert that we’ve been woefully remiss for overlooking all these years. And that person is John Mayer.

On his Snapchat on Wednesday evening, the musician decided to give fans an intimate look at his multi-step nighttime beauty routine. “People are always asking me, John, what are some of your skincare secrets?” he said to the camera. “And I always say, that’s an odd question to ask me, and they always say you literally just asked me to ask you that.”


But down to brass tacks. After scrubbing his face clean with Proactiv, John begins his night moisturizing regimen, which also serves essentially as infomercial for his favorite line of products, Natura Bissé, a brand he “has a feeling is used mainly by people in their 60s and 70s,” but one that he loves nonetheless.

John Mayer/Snap Chat

To kick things off, the musician spills his number one beauty hack: always apply your product directly from the bottle onto your face. He’s dubbed this method D.A.T., or Direct Application Technique.


He claims that otherwise, you’ll get the lotion stuck in the creases of your fingers, wasting valuable product that could otherwise have gone on your complexion. And as that age-old saying goes, lotion stuck in your finger cracks is money and beauty wasted.


For his second skin hack, Mayer doubles down on the lotion, insisting that eye cream is simply face moisturizer, except much better, much more expensive, and in much smaller bottles. So to summarize, use it absolutely everywhere.


Next, he takes a Vitamin C and E complex just dabbing it with the tip of his finger along his laugh lines for a anti-aging move he calls “The Offset Smiley,” using the serum to create a smiley face along his upper lip and chin.


Then, it’s time for the true pièce de résistance of this multi-lubricated affair, Natura Bissé’s Diamond Extreme, which Meyer endorses enthusiastically: “This is some crazy s**t.”‘

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To apply, he takes a Q-tip, dabbing on the Diamond Extreme to his “CNZ” or “Crucial Necessity Zones,” the pre-designated areas where his face needs the maximum amount of moisture.


Then simply work each dollop of product into the skin using the aforementioned Q-tip and two short hours later you’ll be positively glistening.


For the last step, Meyer sprays Natura Bissé’s Diamond Mist Spray to set all that moisture he’s just slathered his face in.


And while it’s unclear from this screenshot, John is in fact in the midst of sharing hack #4 which consists of “head-butting” your facial mist vapor instead of spritzing it straight on, giving you a lighter, more even coverage.


Finally, after your visage has been thoroughly buffed, moisturized, and spritzed to a high shine, brush your teeth and you’re all ready for bed. Just don’t be surprised when you wake up in the morning looking a little bit more like the photo above.

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