John Mayer teaches us the art of the smokey eye.

By Chazz Inniss
April 23, 2018 05:55 PM

John Mayer is the beauty influencer you didn’t know you needed to follow. Mayer is back with another hilarious social media moment — and this time he’s delivered a very informative makeup tutorial.

You probably remember Mayer’s “How to Handwash” laundry tutorial as well as the Instagram he dedicated to his skincare secrets. Now the 40-year-old singer and budding beauty vlogger took to Instagram to demonstrate his makeup application techniques recording his smoky eye process with the help of a Chanel compact.

In the video, Mayer starts by explaining how he is doing a color study for an unknown project and purchased these particular palettes because “I really like Chanel colors.”

“This particular one came with an instruction manual on how to put on eyeshadow, but I threw it away!” the singer says. “I kinda remember what it said on the sheet of paper and it had an eye obviously, and like three oval areas, and I get it. I got it. I’m just gonna go for it.”

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Mayer is clearly a natural at being beauty vlogger and even uses his finger as his mini beauty blender.

“This is where guys get it wrong. They go too heavy,” the singer says while applying the first layer to his eye. “Notice how I’m impressing you with my light touch.” Keep it up, John, we are all thoroughly impressed.

The singer continues applying the eyeshadow and even gives tips on how to know where to stop putting on eyeshadow. “It’s much closer to the eye than you think,” Mayer says while pointing to the corner of his eye. “It’s really in the orbital socket.” Tips, keywords, and step by step instructions? Maybe he should start teaching a master class?

Mayer concludes the video with the finished look and it’s a valiant effort. The singer is also encouraging fans to send their critiques via direct messages on Instagram. Maybe he’s planning on making a palette of his own.