Clearly, the musician has collaboration fever

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated December 19, 2019 02:34 AM
john mayer
Credit: Bennett Raglin/Getty

UPDATE: John Mayer took to Twitter to clarify that he did not design these new jewelry pieces and did not collaborate on them, writing:

However, they are designed by George Frost, the sister label to Lulu Frost, and they are most definitely all available on his official website along with a whole slew of other Mayer-branded merch that he’s now made clear he had no part in creating or curating. Though it seems like the musician might want to take a gander at his own e-commerce store now and again.

John Mayer is a man of many talents. Turns out he’s not just some guitar prodigy who dated every early aughts It-girl you can think of; he’s also a Snapchat impresario who knows how to get a white T-shirt sparkling clean with a quick rinse in the sink (and the help of his new line of The Laundress detergent, of course), how to buff your complexion to a radiant glow, and he has an affinity for rare watches as well as an impressive collection of his very own. And now, Mayer has made his first foray into the realm of fashion designer with the launch of a line of unisex jewelry.

Turns out, not only does the singer have an eye for spotting a pair of fake Costco Kirkland 11s a mile away and a covetable collection of Tibetan robes, but he also has an eye for high-end accessories. Mayer launched a new collaboration on his website today with jewelry designer George Frost and it’s everything you would expect from a man who recently toured with the Grateful Dead.

The “Your Body Is a Wonderland” crooner’s first limited edition handmade offerings include multi-colored beaded necklaces that can be worn long or short as well as bracelets that spell out messages such as, “LOVE IS A VERB,” “BORN AND RAISED,” “NEON,” and “WILDFIRE.” There’s also red and blue hand-woven bracelets with a medallion baring Mayer’s initials, and a silver revolving pendant necklace that reveals the hidden message “LOVE IS A VERB” when spun quickly.

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Prices for the line range from $50 for a bracelet all the way up to $190 for the pendant necklace. In other words, you just found the perfect fall accessory to add to your JM-branded Baggu mini-purse. It seems the world isn’t just John Mayer’s oyster, it’s also fodder for his lifestyle brand.

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