10 Reasons Why John Mayer Is the Beauty Influencer the World Needs Right Now

John Mayer is good at a lot of things: Singing, playing a guitar, and being really funny on the Internet, to name a few. But one of his latest — and most unexpected — skills involves his beauty routine. The 40-year-old singer (and laundry guru), who refuses to let gravity force his skin to start free fallin', has been using social media to share his skincare and body care secrets, and recently deemed himself a beauty blogger. Here are seven reasons why we're ready to let John Mayer be the beauty influencer we didn't know we needed

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10. And He's Discovered a Brand New Way to Swatch Lip Shades

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John Mayer/Instagram

Move over, Kylie Jenner. Mayer has a new method for swatching lipstick shades, which appropriately involves his guitar. The artist showed off his new collection of lip glosses by swatching them on the front of his guitar -- a technique that's totally new to the beauty influencer world.

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9. He Owns an Impressive Chanel Makeup Collection

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John Mayer/Instagram

After his epic shadow tutorial, it was only fair that he had a full makeup set to experiment with. So Chanel provided him with one, sending him everything from brushes to bronzers.

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8. He Doesn't Stop at Skincare.

John Mayer/Instagram

Proving that he doesn't only care about his skin, Mayer got his hands on a Chanel eye shadow palette -- and proceeded to share a smoky eye tutorial with his fans.

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7. He Takes His Bath Time Seriously

John Mayer/Instagram

We all love bath bombs. But Mayer loves the foaming bathtime treats (specifically ones from Lush) so much that he showed his affection for them with an original song, which you can listen to here.

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6. He Appreciates a Good Face Mist


Spray your favorite face mist into the air, then "head-butt" your face into the vapor to achieve even distribution, he says.

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5...So Much So That He's Abandoned Love in the Quest for Smooth Skin

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John Mayer/Instagram

In a quest to figure out how his skin is so smooth, Mayer came to a conclusion: “I don’t smoke and I don’t drink anymore and I don’t go out in the sun and I don’t eat and I don’t love anybody,” he explained on his story.

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4. He's Proactive in Wrinkle Fighting...


Worried about lines around your mouth? Try "The Offset Smiley," which is his technique for keeping that area wrinkle-free.

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3. He Breaks Beauty Rules


Eye cream isn't just for your eyes anymore. The singer pointed out that the product is just a better, more expensive form of moisturizer. So he suggests putting it all over your face.

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2. He Has a Skincare Strategy...


Why let valuable moisturizer absorb into your fingers when you can apply it straight onto your face? Mayer pointed out in a 2016 Snapchat story that the D.A.T. — otherwise known as the Direct Application Technique — is the best way to conserve products.

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1.5 ... Or a Few Skincare Strategies


Are you applying your moisturizer on your "Crucial Necessity Zones?" If not, it's time to start.

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1. He Appreciates Quality Products

John Mayer/Instagram

"I am a beauty blogger now," Mayer captioned an Instagram story of his "favorite stuff" from Natura Bisse: The brand's neck cream, Diamond Extreme moisturizer, eye serum and hand cream, which all totals to a whopping $940.

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