The new advertisement sees a young girl figuring out a way to include her fire-happy dragon friend in neighborhood Christmas cheer

By Jen Juneau
November 14, 2019 10:38 AM

Who knew a story of a girl and a dragon could evoke such intense emotion?

On Wednesday, British department store chain John Lewis released its annual Christmas advertisement — and, per usual, it tugs on the hearstrings.

For 2019, the commercial follows a redheaded little girl who is close friends with an “excitable” dragon named Edgar, who just wants to join in on the holiday cheer in their village.

But things go awry every time Edgar gets too close to the action. In his excitement, he can’t help but let out a stream of fire from his nostrils, leading to chaos in the form of a melting snowman and ice rink — and that’s just for starters.

After Edgar tries and fails to suppress his natural inclination for fiery breaths (the victim? An inadvertently ruined Christmas tree display in the center of town), he retreats into his home and won’t come out, even when his friend sweetly sits outside until nightfall and waits for him to emerge.

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John Lewis’ 2019 Christmas ad
John Lewis’ 2019 Christmas ad

The next day, while watching bread be baked in the hearth inside her home, the girl — played by a little girl from Scotland named Ruby — gets an idea about how Edgar can be a part of Christmas after all. After she implores him to come out and hands him a wrapped box, the dragon smiles and follows her back to her house.

The little girl announces the duo’s arrival to everyone gathered around the dinner table by blowing a horn. And while they are hesitant at first to welcome their green guest, going so far as to retreat under the table, they cheer after Edgar presents them with a flaming Christmas pudding.

“My Wee Rubst☆ar 🤩 star of the show. So proud and happy for her 🥰💗,” Ruby’s proud dad, Graham Dailly, wrote on Facebook alongside the ad.

John Lewis released a line of Edgar-inspired gifts (boots, plush toys, a book and more) along with their heartwarming ad. The products range in price from about $10 to $25, and can be purchased on their website.

John Lewis’ 2019 Christmas ad

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The touching new commercial comes one year after John Lewis released their Christmas ad featuring Elton John. Backtracking through time, the commercial began with the legendary musician, 72, in the current day, singing his beloved 1970 hit “Your Song.”

Soon, viewers were traveling through the years, hitting on John’s successes from his iconic ’70s Dodger Stadium concerts, to recording the tune. Then, John was just a young man, performing at what appeared to be a school concert as his mother proudly looked on.

The tearjerker ended with John as a child on Christmas morning, discovering a wrapped piano to the delight of his mother and grandmother. The little boy tentatively placed a finger on the keys before viewers saw the John of today, once again, closing the lid on the instrument.

“Some gifts are more than just a gift,” text overlay read.