PEOPLE caught up with the legendary singer for his new Sperry holiday curation

By Colleen Kratofil
Updated November 10, 2020 04:15 PM

It's well known that Chrissy Teigen has a pretty epic robe collection, thanks to her always hilarious, always candid Instagram content. But during a recent chat with her husband, EGOT-winner John Legend, he assured us that his loungewear attire is just as impressive as Teigen's.

"Actually, I wear a lot of robes too," Legend tells PEOPLE when asked what his go-to outfit has been amid quarantine. "I'm known to wear quite a few robes myself. Usually Chrissy will buy me a new robe for every holiday or as a birthday gift or something. My birthday is right around the holidays, so it all kind of melds together. So she usually gets me robes for my birthday. And I love wearing those around the house. Tom Ford makes some really good ones that I wear."

To inspire other holiday gift ideas, the legendary singer teamed with Sperry for a special curated collection, dubbed "The Legend Edit," filled with his favorite shoe styles for men, women and children.

Credit: Courtesy Sperry

"I really wanted stuff that I would be proud to wear myself, to give as gifts," the brand's Global Ambassador says. "I love the classic style of Sperry. I love that it kind of feels like home, it's comfortable and chic and truly classic. And I'm excited to present the holiday collection we've come up with."

Credit: Courtesy Sperry
Credit: Courtesy Sperry

As someone who's worn the brand since his high school days, he says he is always drawn to the classic boat shoe style, but can't resist a good boot, so he incorporated a range of styles in his curation. "We wanted a little bit of everything from their range of shoes and shapes," he says.

Credit: Courtesy Sperry

While chatting with the superstar singer, we asked what inspires his signature style. "I never have a good answer when asked whose style I admire because I never really look to anybody else for fashion inspiration," he shares. "I think, more than anything, I'm always intrigued and excited to see what the great designers are doing."

"You can tell which ones I like by which ones I end up wearing a lot," he continues. "So I've worn a lot of Alexander McQueen, for instance. And a lot of Paul Smith and a lot of Gucci over the years. And there's some young designers I've worked with like Richfresh. And so more than anything, I don't really care that much about what other celebrities are wearing. I look to what the great designers are making and try to find what fits my own personal style and taste based on that."

He calls his sense "a blend of classic and modern" that mixes bold items with classic tailoring. "I think I've always been kind of an old soul that loves the classics. But I also am an entertainer and I love doing things that are a little more eye-catching. So blending that classic sensibility with something that has a little splash to it, I think, is where my sweet spot is when it comes to fashion."

Some highlights that come to mind? His 2020 Grammy Awards Alexander McQueen suit. "That gray suit that was half kilt and half normal suit jacket. This [vibe] is exactly what I like to do, wearing things that are interesting and bold on one hand, but also with some of the classic tailoring."

John Legend 2020 Grammy Awards
| Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock

When it comes to pushing his personal aesthetic, the trendsetter knows which styles to embrace and which to stay away from.

"I think certain things just don't look right on me when they look cool on other people. I don't particularly like wearing wide pants, for instance, because it makes me look shorter and wider. I feel like it's not flattering. And so that's just one of the things that might look good on somebody else, but don't look so great on me."

And the only person who could make him reconsider a look? Teigen, of course. "Well, Chrissy is really the only one that has any veto power. If she's like, 'John, I don't like that,' then I'll definitely reconsider."

Legend's Sperry Holiday Edit is available to shop now.