John Cena Spends 30 Minutes Shaving His Entire Body Every Single Day: "I'm Man-Scaped From Head to Toe"

The WWE superstar and face of Tapout Body Sprays explains his grooming routine

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John Cena isn’t what you’d consider low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. In fact,the recently-engaged WWE superstar takes it so seriously that he dedicates a considerable chunk of time to it everyday.

“I’m completely man-scaped from head to toe — from the ears down — so that takes a bit of time,” the wrestler and actor tells PeopleStyle in a new interview,adding that he spends 30 minutes to an hour a day shaving. “I’m constantly trying to stay up on fine lines in my skin and that stuff, so I’m a lot more grooming-centric than you would realize. My routine is a lot more than you would think — I’d say it’s a strong 7 ½ out of 10.”

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Tapout just tapped the buff beauty-lover to be the new face of its range of scented Tapout Body Sprays. “Tapout is the official training and fitness brand of the WWE, so all of us are under the Tapout umbrella,” he says, noting that body sprays were the natural next extension. “We’re sending a great message with this — our message is that you can be unstoppable.”

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So how exactly does he keep that unstoppable sculpted body hair-free on a daily basis? “A lot of shaving cream and a very good razor — and time,” he says. “I have a lot of surface area to cover.”

This is something that he not only does, but takes pride in: “I got into bodybuilding at a young age, when I was like 15 or 16. It’s something that I started, and the first time you man-scape yourself and it starts to grow back, it is so uncomfortable, so I just kept doing it,” he says, adding that he goes through at least six tubes of shaving cream a month. “If I’m pretty, pretty quick with it, I’d say it takes a half hour, but sometimes it’s probably an hour.”

And his go-to razor might already be in your shower. “The skin is always smooth. I’ve gravitated towards Gillette products my entire life,” he says. “They do a great job at what they do and they’re a great leader in the field.”

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But the glowing skin you see on television isn’t the result of body oil, like his fellow wrestlers. Instead, Cena keeps things au-naturale in the ring.

“I’m one of the only guys that doesn’t wear spandex or oil themselves up,” he explains. “I just don’t. Honestly, I’ve been pretty much an open book and what they see is what they see. I just flew in from Australia yesterday and I’ll be on WWE Smackdown Live tonight and I’ll be worn out and jet-lagged and I don’t care. It’s not one of those things where I need to alter my appearance to appear to be something I’m not. I like the fact that the WWE audience sees me as me and they either love me or hate me for it.”


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He also likes to keep it real out of the ring. For date nights with fiancée and fellow pro wrestler Nikki Bella, Cena wears Defy, a scent from Tapout’s new body spray collection. “Defy is something that I would gravitate towards on a date night, whereas after the gym, if I’m getting out of physical activity, Core would be something that I would gravitate more towards.”


But while his shaving routine tops most women’s, he’s quicker than Bella when it comes to getting ready — although he says she does steal his moisturizer and deodorant. “She [takes longer], absolutely. Man, she does, but it’s not like I’m always waiting for her. She takes longer by a few minutes.”

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