By anniedaly
September 05, 2013 11:19 PM

Courtesy Wireimage

Breaking beard news: True Blood star Joe Manganiello has taken a razor to his beloved scruff and Wednesday evening, he debuted a smooth, clean-shaven face at the 10th Annual Style Awards in New York City. We hardly recognized him at first, but now that we’ve confirmed that baby-faced man at right is in fact the same person who plays manly-man Alcide on the HBO show, we can’t decide if we should be howling with delight or crying ourselves to sleep over this news.

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On the one hand, his bare face does make his big, brown, beautiful eyes stand out even more than they already did. And who knew he was hiding such a chiseled jawbone under that hair? (Not us, because we’ve never touched his face before. Which is just unfair and awful.)

But on the other: That facial hair was just plain sexy.

We’re still unsure as to how we feel about Manganiello ditching the beard. But we know one thing for certain: We wish he’d ditched his shirt too.

Tell us: What do you think of Manganiello’s cleaner look?

–Annie Daly