It's not as difficult as it looks. Or is it?

By Jillian Ruffo
November 09, 2017 05:35 PM

Unless you’ve been living in the Upside Down, you’ve most likely binge-watched Stranger Things (or heard everyone talking about how they binge-watched Stranger Things). And if you’ve binged Stranger Things, you most likely have a love-hate relationship with Steve Harrington. But your current feelings toward the Hawkins heartthrob don’t matter; what matters is his swoon-worthy, perfectly-coiffed hair.

The good news is that Joe Keery, who plays the teenager on the show, is well aware of the commotion around his mane. That’s why the star has opened up about his signature look on more than one occasion. So whether you personally want Steve’s hair or you want it for a man in your life, we’ve rounded up everything that’s been said about the look — including on the show itself — below.

Frazer Harrison/Getty

Step 1: Be born with it
“There’s nothing I can do. It’s just the way my hair grows,” Keery told GQ in a recent interview. “It’s my parents’ fault, really, because they have such big hair too. People always ask me, but it’s not like I use a shitload of hairspray or anything.”

Step 2: Rely on dirt and wind
It’s all about the second-day hair for Keery. “Just getting up in the morning, having the windows down if you drive, not washing your hair as much as you’d think,” he explained to the hosts of “Good Mythical Morning” (below), adding, “You gotta extend the shelf life, do you know what I mean?”

3. Get regular trims
“Every couple weeks you’ll need to ‘dust off’ the ends and cut what I call ‘little upside-down triangles’ in the ends to create a more lived-in look,” hairstylist Benjamin Thigpen, who styled Keery’s hair for GQ, explains.

4. Again, don’t wash it often.
“I wash it probably every two or three days,” Keery added in his GQ interview. “On set—that’s the real preparation. There’s a whole process. Washing the hair at a specific time before coming in to shoot, and then a whole blowdrying routine, and then doing a thing to the back, and getting it cut a specific way. On set, the process is pretty lengthy. But in my normal, everyday life… most of the time, it totally looks like s–t.”

5. Don’t be afraid of products
Thigpen used not one but two types of mousse from Oribe to style Keery’s hair for a recent shoot. “The Surfcomber gives the hair some grit and texture, and the Plumping Mousse gives you volume, expanding the diameter of the hair.” He then followed the products with texturizing lotion, texturizing cream, and a blow dryer.”

6. Finally, definitely get your hands on some Farrah Fawcett spray.
“It’s Fabergé Organics,” Steve tells his protégé Dustin of his girl-attracting haircare routine during a season-two episode of Stranger Things. “Use the shampoo and the conditioner, and when the hair is damp — it’s not wet, OK? When it’s damp — do four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett spray.”

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