Jodie Turner-Smith on Being a Face of Gucci Fragrance and Wearing Perfume on 'Special Occasions'

Jodie Turner-Smith Gucci Ad
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Jodie Turner-Smith just touched down in N.Y.C, and she's already on the hunt for her favorite H2O. "I'm kind of addicted to alkaline water," says the new mom, 34, revealing that her favorite beauty tip is age-old: "Stay hydrated." And though most days the new mom and actor's beauty routine revolves around "just the essentials", she's occasionally able to "luxuriate" in a bath, or spritz of fragrance on date night.

"[That's] when the perfume goes on." Her scent of choice? Gucci Bloom Profumo di Fiori ($130;, the latest scent in the Gucci Bloom fragrance franchise, which Turner-Smith was named a face of this summer. Below, the star talks her "eccentric" style, the importance of self-care and more.

Jodie Turner-Smith Gucci Ad
Courtesy Gucci

Partnering with Gucci seems like a dream job – but why did you want to do it?

"I've always really liked and been interested in Gucci as a brand. Style-wise, I always thought it [spoke] to my essence and my aesthetic, which can be kind of random, eccentric and extra. But I was especially interested in the fragrance because I thought it was so much in line with my personality, and what I find attractive about scent. When I first smelled the fragrance I remember just being kind of taken by the florals that they use. I loved the sweetness and the lightness of the scent. And walking through it is almost like when you walk by a field of flowers. I was like, 'mm-hmm, yeah, that's right!' I just loved how light and airy it felt."

What is your favorite part of having shot this campaign?

"That's kind of a tough one! I loved who I was shooting it with. First of all, Anjelica [Huston] – just to meet her and get to see her personality – she's iconic. And then Florence [Welch] is just like this angelic creature. And Susie [Cave] – to get to kind of be playing with these three other women who are just so amazing and who I admire so much, that was really great. And then we were shooting in this beautiful, bizarre, fantastical property in Umbria. It was just like this kind of dream-like setting. It was the first time that I really got to collaborate and vibe with [Gucci designer] Alessandro [Michele]. It was just really fun."

Jodie Turner-Smith Gucci Ad
Courtesy Gucci

Is there something you do before every photo shoot to get in the right frame of mind?

"Every time I go to a shoot, I always try to get grounded in my space first. I burn incense and set up my crystals and just kind of create my own space so I can feel like I'm bringing myself to it, and not like I'm a fish out of water. So, it's just settling into myself and then creating from that place."

Do you wear fragrance every day?

"Now, because of my daughter, I kind of only wear fragrance on a special occasions. It's more like when mum and dad are having a date night, the perfume goes on."

Jodie Turner-Smith Gucci Ad
Courtesy Gucci

What's your No. 1 beauty tip?

"Stay hydrated. I'm kind of addicted to alkaline water. [Husband Joshua Jackson and I] just got to New York, and I made him order me some [because] I think it tastes better. And I have one those water bottles that have the hours on it, and when you got to the bottom it says something like, 'Almost there. Keep going!' which keeps me motivated."

How has your beauty routine changed since becoming a mother?

"It definitely has become simpler. I don't get to spend two hours in the bathroom anymore. And because it's simpler, it's definitely more the point, like everything that I do and everything that I have is just the essentials and the stuff that I just really can't live without. And then I try to carve out time for myself to do the other things to feel good and luxuriate, like take a hot bath."

How are you practicing self-care?

"Going on a walk, moving my body, getting fresh air, touching nature – all of those things I think help me to have a clearer mental state, ground me, and help me to see the bigger picture. The whole world does not revolve around the small issues in my life. When you have a healthy body, it supports you having a healthy mind. And when you have a healthy mind, then you can really give of yourself back to the world."

Jodie Turner-Smith Gucci Ad
Courtesy Gucci

What has sheltering in place been like for you?

"It's been extremely family-oriented. It's really only my family that I see, and we're all just trying to take care of each other and hold each other tightly. While I do appreciate that it's been very stressful for a lot of people, I think there are some benefits to seeing your family a lot more. So I'm just leaning into what's positive about that and breathing through whatever could be stressful about that."

Do you have a work-from-home strategy?

"I'm still kind of figuring it out. It's like, it's funny because it's like everyone's family is now involved in their work day. You've got husbands and wives walking through the back of [one another's] Zooms. I don't really have any advice for anybody except to breathe through what doesn't work."

You turned 34 earlier this month. As you embark on another birth year, what are you looking forward to?

"I think everything that's happening is forcing all of us to be in the present. For the most part, I'm just really doing everything I can to enjoy right now because I'm a new mother [and] I've gotten to just really be insulated with my family and with my daughter. And this time has allowed me to have my mother with me for so long, and that's been really amazing for me. So I'm just really focused on being present at the current moment, but I'm looking forward to seeing who we'll all be on the other end of this."

This interview has been condensed and edited.

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