The Fuller House star designs delicate, inspiring pieces

There’s nothing like jewelry staples—those everyday, easy-layering pieces that just make you happy when you put them on in the morning. Jodie Sweetin loves these pieces. So much so that she made her own.

Jodie Sweetin jewelry line

Erin Stone

The star of Netflix’s upcoming series Fuller House teamed up with her friend, designer Erica Anenberg, to create the Carry The Message collection of bracelets and cuffs that feature mantras of hope, happiness and healing.

The pieces, most rhodium or gold-plated and some with tiny diamond detailing, range from $68 to $160 and are available to purchase at

Sweetin, 33, chatted exclusively with PEOPLE about the inspiration behind the line, her favorite pieces, and what her daughters Zoie, 7, and Beatrix, 5, think of Mom’s new accessories.

Why a jewelry line? Why now?
I’ve always wanted to find some new and different ways to express my creativity and I felt like creating beautiful jewelry pieces that have messages that are important in my life would be a great way to do that. It seems like I’m so lucky to have things lining up right now that I wanted to be able to show people a little more of who I am, and to have my friend Erica Anenberg designing with me, it was a perfect match at a perfect time!

Have you always been into accessories?
I have, but I like a few simple pieces, something that is meaningful and special. I think this line really captures that for me and makes simple, elegant statements.

Jodie Sweetin jewelry line

Erin Stone

What do your daughters think of your new venture?
My girls are thrilled! They are both very girlie and love this kind of stuff. Zoie is already asking me if she can have some necklaces to wear. She’ll be my best customer!

What’s your favorite piece in the line and why?
This line of jewelry is very close to my heart, using words like “willingness,” “joy” and “expect miracles,” which are the ways that I live my life today. These pieces are my constant reminders, every time I look in the mirror or down at my wrist, of just who I am and what I believe in. I hope that other people will use them as little reminders as well.

One of my favorite pieces from the line is a bracelet that says, “we are not saints.” I look at that and remember that while I’m always trying to be the best person I can be, perfection is not demanded, nor expected. I can breathe a little easier and it reminds me not to take myself too seriously!

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See any favorites?

—Rennie Dyball