October 05, 2006 07:55 PM

Model and America’s Next Top Model alum (cycle 6) Joanie Dodds gives a weekly insider’s view on the hit show.

Last night was probably one of the funniest ANTM episodes ever! The episode kicked off with the girls having to literally walk on a tightrope! PRICELESS! Most of the girls did pretty well, but I was more interested in what was going on at their home-away-from-home – so jealous of the girls creating a mattress slide down the stairs of the house.

Ok, The Second Challenge. The girls meet Miss Jay with the fabulous Bre from cycle 5. They have to walk their butts off on an uneven walkway with masks on. A.J. of course nails it and wins the challenge — she’s definitely becoming my personal frontrunner. You have to be a super runway diva to make it to the end so if you can’t walk, you just can’t be a Top Model. Click through to the next page to read the rest of Joanie’s Take on this episode.

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Photo: Bryan Lynn & Denise Crew/The CW; (inset) Jim De Yonker/UPN/Landov

The prize for winning this challenge is to walk in the Dennis Quaid Charity Show in Auston — so AJ, CariDee and Megg are off to (yawn) Austin. I mean, Texas, Yeeeee-ha! The one thing that hit me was the girls’ reactions to being on the runway. A real model feels exhilaration — when you are up on that stage and your heart is racing and you know you nailed it. These girls really want it.

Monique — my least favorite! — gets “sick” wah, wah, wah… and has to go to the hospital. I say, suck it up. Danielle from Cycle 6 was in convulsions and puking in a country where they didn’t even speak English and there was bird flu and she still went in the jungle and rocked it! Now that is tough. Monique is such a weak competitor; I could have blown her over like the big bad wolf.

Freaking loved the photo shoot. The girls rocked Charlie Altuna’s fabulous designs. Charlie’s one of my personal best friends, and I love modeling for him. The runway turned out to be an unstable boardwalk over the pool. The twins rocked it, as well as Jaeda, A.J. and super-sexy Brooke (left). I loved how Charlie said CariDee’s breast popping out was “so Paris.” That was hilarious although I was thinking, “So Tara Reid.”

Well, we know what happens when you don’t go to a photo shoot…. you GET SENT HOME!! I jumped up and danced a little dance today when Monique left. She was pretty, but a Top Model has to be able to get along with everyone and never gives up. I was in the dentist’s chair for 3 days straight pretty much and I still rocked out… Hasta la Vista Monique.

Also thanks Tyra for calling out Melrose for being like Jade — “thanks for believing in me” — that was priceless.

Until Next week, Joanie

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