The Duggar sisters explain the special family wedding dress tradition that they've each carried on

By Natalie Stone
April 07, 2017 07:41 PM

Each of the Duggar daughters will get to participate in a sweet family tradition when their turns come to walk down the aisle.

In a recent behind-the-scenes clip of Counting On, sisters Jinger Vuolo, Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald each explain the very special tradition that was carried on and incorporated into each of their wedding dresses.

Prior to Vuolo’s wedding day in November, the bride-to-be met with her mother, Michelle Duggar, and grandma to explain the family tradition to her wedding dress designer, Renee.

“This is such a special moment because this wedding dress is grandma Duggar’s, and she let me wear her wedding dress on my wedding day. I mean, it was just such a joy to get to wear your wedding dress,” Michelle explains to Renee. “And so now, the tradition has been that we’ve given a snippet of grandma’s and my dress to our girls … for them to use in their wedding.”

“Grandma’s been so kind and let us snip a little bit more,” Michelle continues.

‘There’s been a family tradition and whenever one of the girls gets married that they can take a piece of my mom and grandma Duggar’s dress – they wore the same dress for their weddings — and so we take a piece of that and incorporate it somewhere in our dress,” explains Vuolo, who wed Jeremy Vuolo last fall.

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For Vuolo’s gown, Michelle cuts a larger piece of tulle, which grandma Duggar and the bride are then able to snip.

“I’m going to cut a heart out of this material and I’m going to sew it into your dress over your heart,” Renee explains of her vision for implementing the tulle.

On her big day, the heart is revealed to Vuolo, 23, just before she puts on her wedding dress for the ceremony. “It was neat to see how Ms. Renee had so creatively incorporated that piece of my mom’s and grandma’s dress into my dress by making a little heart and putting it over my heart,” says Vuolo. “So walking down the aisle, knowing that there was a little piece of that in there was kind of special.”

Prior to Vuolo carrying on the Duggar family tradition, her two older sisters paved the path before her when their big days arrived.

“For my wedding, my grandma and my mom gave me a little clipping, I guess, of the dress and put it in a handkerchief they stuffed in my bouquet, so I carried it down the aisle with me,” says 25-year-old Dillard, who wed her husband Derick in 2014.

As for Seewald, 24, who wed her husband Ben Seewald in 2014, she explains that “the way we incorporated grandma’s dress into my wedding was my mom and grandma made a little rosette and put it in my bouquet.”

And soon, Joy-Anna Duggar, 19, will be able to participate in the bridal tradition when she ties the knot to her fiancée, Austin Forsyth.

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