The Tonight Show host seemed pretty impressed after using Seacrest's new collection, POLISHED By Dr. Lancer


Guys who use Ryan Seacrest‘s new men’s skincare line have some pretty amazing results. Just ask Jimmy Fallon, who tested them live on-air on an episode of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last week.

The entertainment mogul, producer, TV and radio host teamed up with celebrity dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer to create his first men’s skincare collection, POLISHED By Dr. Lancer, and debuted the line last week to Fallon. “It’s shaving cream, it’s moisturizer, it’s anti-aging serum, it’s everything,” Seacrest told The Tonight Show host about the minimal five product lineup in his collection.

Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

And according to Seacrest, maintaining the simple routine is like finding the foundation of youth. “See! The boys look that you have — you can keep it forever!” he jokingly told Fallon.

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Both Seacrest and Fallon admitted they started using skincare products for the same reason: a woman. “I wear face lotion. My sister told me about it in college,” Fallon said. “At some point, every guy is told by a woman in their life, ‘You gotta start doing something for your face,'” Seacrest agreed.

Fallon decided to try one of Seacrest’s products for himself on the show, and went with the POLISHED By Dr. Lancer Anti-Aging Serum. “This is very special. It has Tazmanian pepper extract in it. You massage it on your face nice and slowly and also around your neck,” Seacrest told him. “You will feel like a new man. I promise you.”

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Boy, was Seacrest right. Seconds after Fallon said, “This stuff really works,” the comedian transformed into a “Mini Jimmy” version of himself in front of everyone’s eyes.

Okay, that didn’t really happen, but that doesn’t mean Seacrest’s line doesn’t have amazing benefits for men’s skin. “There’s no question that men like to look good,” Seacrest previously told PEOPLE. “I have used his line of Lancer skincare products for a long time. I attribute his Lancer Method for helping me stay young, along with a healthy diet and exercise.”

Would you try Ryan Seacrest’s new men’s skincare collection? Share your thoughts in the comments below.