The footballer fronts Starter Active's new "Starting Is" initiative

By Brittany Talarico
Updated December 01, 2020 08:25 PM

Eric Decker is known for his prowess on the football field, but he’s also has proven his modeling skills. From his denim campaign with Buffalo to his new shoot with Starter Active, the New York Jets wide receiver is a natural in front of the camera.

Credit: Courtesy Starter

Courtesy Starter

Decker teamed withe Starter as part of the sportswear brand’s new campaign “Starting Is ____” campaign, which encourages shoppers to fill in the blank with positive affirmations about leading a healthy lifestyle. Below, 9 thinks we learned from the hot dad of two (like whether or not his country singing wife Jessie James Decker picks out his clothes!).

He’s spends 85% of his life in activewear
“I think I feel most comfortable in sportswear. I’ve been in athletics my entire life — it’s just casual and sportswear now is becoming somewhat fashionable with some of the colors and different designs.”

Which is why he teamed with Starter
“I thought the alignment was good for me just because of where I came from — a small town, middle class family, Minnesota. It just kind of aligned with my personality and kind of who I am.”

• He has OCD when it comes to organizing his closet
“It’s color coordinated. My wife is like, ‘You’re insane.’ I definitely have a fair amount of T-shirts, but I every six months I kind of cycle through them and give stuff away that I don’t wear as often.”

• His wife encourages him to ditch the sweats for date night
“When we go to dinner I do have to get dressed up and put something nice on. My wife loves fashion.”

Eric Decker Starter Campaign

Courtesy Starter

• And Jessie also helps him pick out his outfits
“She definitely influenced my taste, and I kind of lean on her to pick stuff out. But I have a pretty good eye when I take the time to look. But for the most part, I love to have her pick it out and make it easy on myself.”

• His daughter (2-year-old Vivianne Rose) inherited her mom’s stylish gene
“She’s at that age where she’s getting very girly and she loves to put on a dress, and put her hair in ponytails. Shoes are her big thing she says, ‘shoes, shoes, shoes.'”

• He’s going to save some of his football jerseys for his 8-month-old son Eric Jr.
“I’ll keep some memorabilia type stuff that have meaning or things I still have from little league. Maybe he wants to wear a jersey when he gets older — I’m sure he’ll be too cool for that.”

Eric Decker Starter Campaign

Courtesy Starter

• He recently started using face lotion
“Jess has got me into lotions because she says its going to age you slower, so I’m all about. You know, there’s no sort of [skincare] routine in all that just make sure I look presentable for my wife.”

• He usually gets his haircuts for free
“I’m pretty frugal, so try to wait until I have a photo shoot, which means I have a free haircut.”

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–Brittany Talarico