August 21, 2014 01:00 PM

We’re already obsessed with Jessie J’s newest hit single, Bang Bang (which also features Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande). And with a lineup like those three fashion and beauty risk takers, we just know that the music video is going to give us equal joy — and beauty inspiration. You won’t be able to catch the full video until Sunday, but luckily, we had a chance to chat with Jessie while she was filming to get some inside scoop on the sure-to-be-killer clip. Here’s what she spilled:

Courtesy Herbal Essences

She’s sporting three different beauty looks throughout — and they’re her favorite from any video yet.
“We mix my hair up a lot! One style is very straight, another is brushed-out curls with a center part, and the third is a slicked back pony with curls. My makeup is getting switched up a bit too. I have a bright fuchsia lip, a deep wine lip and a very contoured look with a strong brow. I like all of them. They show all different sides of me.”

Her hair gets a little help from extensions.
“My hair is actually still quite short. It’s a bob. I would not look how I look without my hairdressers.”

Jessie is as meticulous about caring for her hair tools as she is for her hair itself.
“I always clean my brushes with shampoo (Herbal Essences is her fave). I try to do it everyday. I always tell my friends that you wouldn’t wear your clothes dirty — so why would you comb your hair with a dirty brush?”

Courtesy Herbal Essences

Skincare is crucial to looking video-ready.
“I wash my face with antibacterial handwash. It’s a tip my mom passed on to me. She has amazing skin. I was five or six and she taught me that I should never go to bed with makeup on and never use soap on my face — soap is evil! I also steam my face a lot.”

She has a secret to dancing in heels for hours on set.
“I rub antibacterial gel on the bottoms of my feel to absorb moisture, and then I use double-stick tape inside my shoes so that they don’t move around and cause blisters. It works on set but you can use it if you go out dancing in heels too!”

Are you psyched to see how it all turned out?

–Loni Venti

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