August 25, 2017 02:30 PM
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Jessie James Decker may be balancing a country music career, clothing line, reality TV show and two children under the age of 4, but the multihyphenate star still finds time to give back. Decker teamed up with Tide at a recent Loads of Hope event (the company’s community donation project) for a clothing and cleaning drive in her home city of Nashville, which collected over 1,000 pieces for families in need.

We caught up with Decker to find out more about the initiative, her life with two toddlers (Eric Thomas II, 2 next month, and daughter Vivianne Rose, 3)  and what’s next for her in the beauty space.

Who does most of the laundry at home: You or Eric?
Luckily, Eric does the laundry. It’s not because I don’t want to: He’s just particular. He really gets into it with separating white and colors. He reminds me of my grandfather who passed when I was younger. I was so in love with this grandfather and he was a laundry man. He liked doing the laundry so it just makes me feel like I have a little piece of that when Eric does it.

Is that why you wanted to partner with Tide Loads of Hope?
I was really drawn to the messaging. It’s an important way to give back.  Something as small as having clean clothes can make someone feel so good about themselves. And the clean clothes donated and washed through this mobile clothing drive are helping so many people not only in Nashville, but across the country.

Jason Myers Photography

Your family will finally be home in Nashville this year. How does your style change depending on where you?
For the most part, I keep it true to who I am with Southern, trendy and comfortable looks. I like to bring that element when I go to places like Los Angeles and New York City, because I know a lot of people have a set look there and I like to be different, and I am still going to wear my Daisy Dukes and my denim overalls. I will say there are times, when Eric and I go out in New York, that I want to dress my look up a little bit and be a little bit more chic with like a long trench coat or just a little bit elevated. It’s fun and festive to kind of adapt to your surroundings, but I always keep that Southern flair.

Are you already stockpiling pieces for your daughter?
Yes. I have clothes from the 8th grade. I am a clothes hoarder so she’ll have her pick from a lot of pieces. I have containers and containers of clothes that I’ve hoarded in my attic and I probably should give them away to give good use, but I am selfishly wanting to hold on it because I’m like, ‘What if I need that?’

Are you excited to be back on TV with the return of your reality show Eric and Jessie?
It felt like the right time. This season is going to be hilarious. You see how much we’ve evolved. It is still me and Eric, and we are still crazy in love and silly with each other but viewers will see so many more people who are integral to our lives — our two kids, my sister Sydney’s fiancé,  you get to see my brother a lot more. It’s my whole family this time and we’re an interesting gang.

How has your approach to beauty changed since becoming a mom?
I think you’ll see that on the show. There are going to be some episodes where I don’t have a lick of makeup on, because I’m busy running around with the kids. For me, my one thing is eyelash extensions. I always have them on cause they just do all the work and let everything look better. If I have eyelash extensions on, I will put on some under eye concealer and maybe like an illuminating moisturizer and call it a day.

You may be dedicated to your eyelash extensions, but you’re not wearing hair extensions anymore! How did you quit them?
I have not worn extensions in my hair since I got pregnant with my son. I used to be obsessed with extensions. I used to have every extension you could imagine: clip-ins, tape-ins, I did everything. I officially stopped wearing extensions after I had Bubby because I could not take the maintenance anymore, it was making me crazy. I thought I was just going to have thin ugly hair and just leave it alone. So I took them all out and my hair has grown like weeds since. It’s insane. My hair is so long, so thick, I just had a photo shoot, and my hairstylist Rick was like girl, I don’t even think you need to put any clip ins-in today.

What’s the secret? Magic vitamins?
I do take vitamins, but I feel like I just stopped putting crap in my hair. I think I just let it grow. I look back at pictures of myself in high school and I was a cheerleader and I had hair just as thick if not thicker and long down to my hips. I always had thick, long hair but as soon as I signed my first record deal at 19 and just being thrown around in that whole system and putting in extensions left and right and just being advised, you do kind of the wrong stuff for your hair. Dying it all the time, it is just unhealthy and I think it ultimately ruined my hair. But it is back.

Are you still dyeing it yourself?
Every now and then if I need a touch up and I don’t have access to Marissa I do, but I have finally found someone who I think does a better job than I do. It’s Marissa Martin. She works at Parlour 3 in Nashville. She’s awesome. She colors Carrie Underwood’s hair.

You already have a very successful clothing line with Kittenish. Do you want to expand into the beauty space more?
Definitely. I partner with Alexa Persico Cosmetics. We did our lip kit which was wildly successful and that probably sold out faster than anything I’ve ever done. And so we are launching another lip kit and we’re actually launching an eye shadow palette. This time it’s going to be the Jessie James Decker eye shadow — it’s just going to be my name this time. We’re in the middle of testing it out to see how it goes and I think if it does as well as we think it will, then we are really going to start expanding my makeup brands.

What do you think of  Decker’s plans for a full-range beauty line? Share below! 

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