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Jessica Simpson is already a self-made billionaire, so the chances she’ll need a fallback career anytime soon seem slim to none. But should the former pop songstress ever fall on some difficult times, clearly, she’ll always be able to rely on her innate gifts as an amateur car model to make a quick buck or two.

Jessica Simpson/Instagram

Big, blonde hair, cowboy boots, and oversized pick-up trucks practically run in a country girl’s DNA, so it seems only natural that Jessica would have an innate gift for modeling all of the above. In an Instagram shot posted to her account Thursday evening, the singer turned fashion conglomerate CEO posed alongside a lifted truck so large the first step to get into the passenger door comes all the way up to her knee. In the photo, Simpson leans casually against the car’s giant wheels wearing a leopard print onesie, a jacket slumped off one shoulder, and a pair of strappy sandals probably from her hugely profitable footwear line.

But this isn’t even close to the first time Simpson has proven her natural aptitude to share the screen with a motor vehicle. The former pop star has proven time and time again throughout her career that she may have missed her true calling.

Right from the start, Simpson made a name for herself with her breakout hit “I Think I’m in Love with You” showing off her dancing skills in a box truck full of male dancers before hitting the freeway and showing teens everywhere how to lightly gyrate in the passenger side of a moving vehicle without being accidentally thrown overboard (warning: this is a move for professional car dancers only, do not try this at home).

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And, of course, who could forget Simpson’s major mid-aughts comeback moment, starring in the Dukes of Hazard reboot and subsequently releasing the music video for “These Boots Are Made for Walking,” which features a sudsy dance sequence on the hood of a 1969 Dodge Charger more scandalous than most Carl’s Jr. ads that will surely continue to plague the dreams of teenage boys for decades to come.

And sure, she may have not been posing atop a vehicle for her latest round of Budget ads, but the commercial does prove Simpson certainly knows how to sell a car in more ways than one.

Now the only hurdle left to surmount for Jessica to achieve her true 16-wheeler queen status is to pose for the mud flap pin up shot she so rightfully deserves.

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–Emily Kirkpatrick

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