The star opens up about weight loss, skincare and more


As the face of Weight Watchers (and as someone who likes to share on social media in general!) Jessica Simpson has made no secret of her body-after-baby struggles before finally achieving her goal weight. But she gets more candid than ever about it in an interview with InStyle.

Jessica Simpson

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“I’d been scrutinized about my weight before I got pregnant, so I refused to let anyone steal the joy of my babies,” she says of enduring criticism after having her two children. “My husband [Eric Johnson] and I were looking at old pictures recently, and I asked him, ‘Babe, why didn’t you tell me to put the brownie down?’ He said, ‘You looked great.’ He’s always loved every curve on my body. And we’ve always had a healthy sex life.”

But despite unwavering support from her husband, Simpson had a white dress in mind that she wanted to work towards. “I worked really hard because I wanted to appreciate being in a wedding gown again,” she says. “I wanted to enjoy it like I did the first time. But I didn’t have a weight goal; I just wanted to look healthy.”

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Now she takes care of herself by working out five days a week (“I’ve slowed down since my wedding”), doing her skincare regimen, including applying La Mer, at night (“I just do everything after I put the kids to bed. It’s the only way to keep crayons and fingerprints off my face”) and enjoying time with her family. But are there any more kids on the way?

“I don’t think so. Having two kids back-to-back was hard on my body,” she says. “But if I do have more, I wouldn’t want them to read this and think they weren’t wanted!”

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For more about Simpson’s body and beauty routine, read the interview at InStyle and tell us: How do you stay healthy?

–Alex Apatoff