The newly pregnant Beauty Mint spokesperson says, 'Oh, my!' when she thinks back to some of her blunders

By Kate Hogan
Updated November 17, 2011 07:00 PM

Marion Curtis/Startraks

Jessica Simpson may be one of the pros on NBC’s upcoming show Fashion Star, but she admits her own style choices haven’t always been the best.

“There are a lot of things I’ve worn and look back on and think, ‘Oh, my,'” the mom-to-be recently told PEOPLE. “When it comes to beauty, I think a big misconception is the tanner you are, the more beautiful you are. It’s not always true. I look back on a lot of pictures where I’m really tan, and I’m like, ‘Whoa!'”

But Simpson has only learned from her mistakes — and they’ve inspired her to strive to keep her Jessica Simpson line of shoes and apparel impeccable.

“I’m in all those meetings,” she said. “I know the zipper pulls, I know what you’re going to be purchasing next spring. I know what’s going to be trending. It’s really fun to take all those meetings and try and play great guessing games of what the public’s going to buy.”


Simpson, who said she’s a big fan of the current colorblocking trend, is also in the know when it comes to taking care of her skin. The former Proactiv spokeswoman recently teamed up with skincare expert Nerida Joy to introduce BeautyMint, an affordable, personalized line sold on the web.

“We go to department stores and we have no idea what these people are telling us,” Simpson said. “We just know to get the ‘it’ product because it’s working on this A-celebrity. It’s kind of like you’re spending too much money on something you don’t really know.”

BeautyMint requires taking a quiz to “get to know about your skin,” similar to JewelMint, StyleMint and ShoeMint, which tailor fashion offerings to a shopper’s style preferences. Simpson said the questionnaire “really acts as a professional, helping you, guiding you through your skincare regimen. It definitely will only give you products that work for your skin.”

First-time BeautyMint customers: Through Dec. 3, receive $10 off of your first BeautyMint purchase using code PEOPLE at checkout.

–Dahvi Shira