The singer credits her glowing complexion to her favorite BeautyMint cleanser

By Kate Hogan
Updated March 15, 2012 02:30 PM

Byron Purvis/AdMedia/Retna

She’s spent a lot of time perfecting her skin — thanks, Proactiv! — but in pregnancy, Jessica Simpson has been putting forth even more effort to keep it clear, balanced and free of stretch marks.

“My entire body is changing every single day,” she tells PEOPLE. “So I make it a point to moisturize as much as possible.”

Fashion Star
mentor is also battling hormonal changes with routine face washing. “I’m cleansing more in pregnancy than I ever have in my whole life,” she shares. A favorite product? “I love the BeautyMint cleanser because it has aloe in it, which keeps my skin hydrated.”

BeautyMint, one of Simpson’s new endeavors, is a site that offers customers customized product recommendations based on a “getting-to-know-your-skin” quiz. The questionnaire “really acts as a professional, helping you, guiding you through your skincare regimen,” Simpson told PEOPLE in November.

Just like its sister sites — Kate Bosworth‘s JewelMint, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s StyleMint and Rachel Bilson‘s ShoeMint — BeautyMint is all about servicing the shopper, Simpson said. “It definitely will only give you products that work for your skin.”
PEOPLE readers: Save $20 on your first purchase through March 31 by entering code PEOPLEBM20 at checkout. Tell us: If you’ve been pregnant, how did you treat your skin during pregnancy?