Jessica Simpson Jokes She's 'on a Budget' After Her Credit Card 'Got Denied' at a Taco Bell

"I have no working credit card," Jessica Simpson joked on The Real, as she opened up about focusing her finances on her ever-growing eponymous fashion line

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson. Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty

Jessica Simpson has some beef with Taco Bell.

The Do You Know artist, 41, joked about having her credit card declined at the popular fast food chain while focusing her finances on her ever-growing business as she appeared this week on The Real.

"I have no working credit card," Simpson said. "It's OK. I will pay in cash. I went to Taco Bell the other day, and my card got denied. I'm on a budget, ladies!"

She added that she's "draining my bank account" into growing her eponymous billion-dollar fashion brand, of which she and her mother Tina Simpson regained control in October. The multi-hyphenate even considered borrowing against her home for the big business move.

"With money, there's just so much fear attached to it," Simpson added on The Real. "I'm the person that you get mad at at the blackjack table. I'll put it all out there if it's me that's driving the show because I believe in myself and I know what I can do. And I know that nothing will stop me, and if you try to stop me, I'll try harder."

Jessica simpson

Simpson has since announced plans to expand Jessica Simpson Collection into health and wellness, as well as men's clothing. She told PEOPLE earlier this week that she's "always putting out something new" with her business.

"We are going into boys and men's clothing, which I've always wanted to do, because I know how a guy's butt should look in their jeans," she said, adding: "My husband's a good model for it, but he would never do it. Maybe I could convince him."

The Open Book author also raved about being in control of her own company. "I can be who I am. I don't answer to anybody," Simpson noted.

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"I do work with my mom, so she's still kind of my boss, even though I'm the boss of her," she said. "But we have a really healthy working relationship when it comes to that.

"We listen to each other and we respect each other's opinions. We don't have to answer to anybody, it's wild. I can actually put my name on things, and you can know and trust that it is from me and I believe in it. And you're only going to get that [from me] for the rest of my life," Simpson added.

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