“I just want to give people things that make them feel good and at the same time help families who deserve the grace and the dignity that that they don’t feel every single day.”

By Sharon Kanter
Updated December 01, 2020 08:24 PM

Mother’s Day is an important day in the Seinfeld house. And it’s not just because Jessica Seinfeld loves to celebrate with her three children and her comedian husband Jerry. It’s also because the holiday serves as an opportunity to draw attention to her non-profit organization, the Good+ Foundation (formerly known as Baby Buggy), which supplies child-care items to families in need.

And this year, she’s doing something very big and partnering with HSN to launch a line of accessories with the retailer. Each piece sold will help provide supplies such as child gear, clothing and services to families across the country. Some of the pieces are already available at, and the rest of the line will debut on April 28th.

Credit: Marsha Lebedev Bernstein

Marsha Lebedev Bernstein

The line contains scarves, hats, bags, watches, tops and cover-ups, all made with a busy mom in mind. “The collection was inspired by the idea of keeping it simple all day long and changing it up with one of our lace throws when you’re by the pool or one of our scarves when you’re in an air conditioned office,” she tells PeopleStyle when we catch up with her to discuss the line. “I don’t fancy myself a designer and I don’t have any aspirations of being a designer. I just want to give people things that make them feel good and at the same time help families who deserve the grace and the dignity that that they don’t feel every single day.”

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Jessica Seinfeld HSN Line

Courtesy of HSN

One of her favorites in the line is the three-piece watch set. “The watches come in a three-pack of rose gold, silver and gold, so you can give one to your mother, one to your mother-in-law and keep one,” she says. “I’ve been wearing mine everyday. My daughter [Sascha] is trying to take them. And so is everyone who sees them!”

Jessica Seinfeld HSN Line

Courtesy of HSN

The scarves also top her must list. “They are beyond,” she says. “I have one uniform during the summer and that’s cut-off jeans and a white tank top. I throw anything over when running to the grocery store picking up my kids, so I always have a scarf.” The splatter print scarf ($29.90) in the collection is actually inspired by a fabric that she and her designer pal Narciso Rodriguez found years ago. “When I found the fabric, I made it into the draperies for my son’s room,” she says. “I can’t get enough of it.”

Jessica Seinfeld HSN Line

Courtesy of HSN

And if you spot hearts on many of the pieces, like on the tote ($78), there’s a reason: “The tagline of our organization has been Love Recycled, so we always have had a heart around what we do,” she says. “It works for Mother’s Day because you give from the heart.”

Most importantly, each piece in the line is relatively budget friendly, with prices starting at $24.90 for a hat, ranging up to $78 for a tote. “By keeping the prices low, I was hoping that would mean more people would buy and then more people would get diapers and then we would help more people,” she says.

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Seinfeld will be live on HSN on April 28th from 9 to 11 p.m. to launch the collection, and that night, for every product sold, HSN will donate two days worth of diapers. “I really just get the sense that they really want to help as many families as possible and obviously that is our goal every day,” she says. “So to be aligned with a company that has so much power and has such a dedicated audience, it is our great fortune.”

That early on-air date will give her plenty of time to prep for her own Mother’s Day this year, which is fast-approaching (don’t forget, it’s May 8th!). “Last year, my kids gave me a kitten named Javier, who has very bad allergies,” she says. “Yes, my freaking cat has an allergist!”

This year, she’s not sure what she’s getting. “I have no idea what’s going to happen this year and luckily for me, my kids are now old enough that they will plan things I’m sure with their father’s prodding they’ll come up with something,” she says.

“We are very big on banners at our house—big, long paper banners with illustrations and funny sayings—so I’m sure there will be a Mother’s Day banner involved. And hopefully not another kitten!”

—Sharon Clott Kanter