The stars get real about their regrettable style

By Sarah Kinonen
September 23, 2016 08:10 AM
Credit: Everett

7th Heaven fans, we’ve got a major throwback for you! Jessica Biel and Beverley Mitchell (a.k.a. Mary and Lucy Camden) are using social media to showcase some of their craziest hairstyles from the ’90s TV show, one throwback photo at a time — and we’re living for it.

Biel, 34, began the game of #TBT tag when she shared a hilarious snap of her and Mitchell rocking twisted topknots on Instagram.

“Dear @beverleymitchell: Your hair looks so much better than mine. Why did you let me go out like that?! #TBT,” the star wrote in an Instagram caption directed to her former 7th Heaven sister.

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A mere eight minutes later, Mitchell, 35, responded with her own photo, blaming Biel for letting her wear her hair in the adorable (and totally on-trend) tiny twists.

“Dear @jessicabiel why didn’t you tell me I look liked a clown? Not my best look!” she wrote. “That hair, that top, that skirt? I cut out the boots because it just was too much!”

While we happen to think the stars’ early aught updos are super-cute (mostly because we probably wore our own strands in similar styles back in the day), we can’t help laugh along with them as they reflect on regrettable styles, which now live on forever thanks to re-runs.

Do you have a past hairstyle you regret? Share below!