November 04, 2015 03:00 PM

Jessica Alba‘s Honest Beauty launched this fall, and although it’s been a “wild ride,” Alba says she’s been met with an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from fans, celebrities and makeup artists.

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“I’ve gotten so many amazing responses — I think the thing the biggest deal is that people love the colors,” she tells PeopleStyle exclusively. “They love the color range, they love how women of color are represented and that we’re celebrating diverse beauty. That is the thing that people say first, and then they say that they love the colors because the colors really do work well on a range of skin tones. And then the packaging — they think the packaging is super chic. So all of that is the best feedback.”

And now, she’s taking Honest Beauty a step further by letting fans join in on the beauty conversation with its first-ever campaign, #LetsBeHonest, which has a mission to “celebrate the diversity of beauty today and inspire women to show how they use beauty to bring out their best.”

“I love this approach because I’ve been the face of so many different beauty brands and the face of so many different campaigns, and it always feels like you’re trying to shove something down someone’s throat and make them feel like they would only be beautiful if they did this thing with this product. And that’s just not the case here,” Alba says. “Everybody is beautiful, and there are so many different types of beauty and ideas of beauty, and it really comes down to confidence. If you’re confident, you can wear any kind of makeup or no makeup and have beautiful skin. Which is why we launched with skincare and color cosmetics because [your skin] will radiate regardless of what your beauty routine is.”

#LetsBeHonest kicks off online with a short, first-person video of Alba showing off how she uses some of her favorite Honest Beauty products — from the comfort of her own home to a night out with her girlfriends. (Check out the exclusive behind-the-scenes look, below!)

“Women are so flexible and multi-faceted and wear so many different hats,” she says. “I just wanted to show people how I wear makeup and what it means to me, and then to encourage people to participate in the conversation … We want to show how all different types of ways women wear makeup and [how] it makes them look and feel chic and amazing.”

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Even though Honest Beauty launched 17 skincare products and a 66-piece makeup range just a few months ago, Alba says she’s nowhere near done creating and formulating. In fact, she’s already working on her next big launch: lipstick.

“Right now we have a lip crayon — we wanted to launch with that because it’s so user-friendly, it’s so easy. You can literally be like driving in the car or running into a meeting and throw a lip on,” she says. “It’s so convenient to have a lip crayon, but I’m working on a lipstick formula now. I’d love to come out with a matte and a demi-matte, but right now, it’s not out yet … probably early next year.”

And if you can’t find something in the 80+ pieces she launched, just tell Alba, who says she’ll add it to the line. No, really, tell her — she wants to hear it. “We love getting feedback on the products,” she says. “And anything anyone wants us to create next, I’m here for you. This is a brand for everyone and is celebrating women.”

Her final word? “I’m excited about lipstick, but if people want something else, like liquid eyeliner, I’m down. I’m so open to developing and I love collaborating.”

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For more from Alba on her #LetsBeHonest campaign, click here, then tell us: Have you tried Honest Beauty? If so, which product are you currently obsessing over? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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