The actress and entrepreneur shares which Honest Beauty skincare line is her "favorite" at her 'Springtime in Paris' event at Ladurée in N.Y.C.

Jessica Alba divides her time between her movie career (she’s filming her new thriller Mechanic: Revolution), her entrepreneur career (she founded The Honest Company) and her home life, raising daughters Honor Marie, 7, and Haven Garner, 4, with husband Cash Warren.

And though it sounds like a lot for one woman to do, Alba loves the challenge — and advises any woman so inclined to do the same.

Jessica Alba

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

The 34-year-old co-founded her beauty and lifestyle brand when she realized her “needs weren’t being met,” she told PeopleStyle at The Honest Company ‘Springtime in Paris’ event at Ladurée in N.Y.C. Wednesday: “I wanted high performance, I wanted safe ingredients, I wanted beautiful design and I wanted it to be accessibly priced.”

And apparently other consumers felt the same way: Since its 2011 launch, The Honest Company is now valued at more than a billion dollars and is continuing to expand.

With that kind of success, it’s only natural that Alba has advice to offer women looking to start a business of their own: “[They] have to surround themselves with people who have done it before,” she says. “They cannot be afraid to ask questions. I think really understanding the marketplace you’re going into and being smart about how you’re going to be different, because there is no point in launching a ‘me too’ brand. And go for it. Just go for it! What do you have to lose?”

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In Alba’s case, it was all about the gains — in particular, designing beauty lines she wants to use herself.

“I use the ‘Younger’ eye cream and the ‘Younger’ moisturizer” she says. “And I love the ‘Elevated’ hydrating mist. I carry it in my purse and I use it all day.”

But wait, there’s more: “Our healing balm is dope!” she says. “There’s nothing like it. Everyone can use it. You can use it on your baby’s bum, you can use it on your dry hands — it’s just incredible.”

And while she is clearly invested in health and wellness, Alba admits, “I don’t like working out!” To keep her motivated at the gym, she says, “I need loud music, I need distractions — magazines, music videos — anything to distract me!” (Pro tip: Check out her workout mix on Spotify titled “Werk It Out.” It’s a game changer.)

Do you use any of Jessica’s Honest Beauty products? If so, which is are your favorite?

–Kristen Caires