The beauty boss tells PEOPLE all about developing the perfect liquid lipstick for her Honest Beauty empire

By Brittany Talarico
September 26, 2019 02:47 PM
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Jessica Alba‘s new Honest liquid lipstick does double duty. That’s because the actress, entrepreneur and mom of three is always creating products with busy women in mind.

“I like to wear it like a stain and then put a balm over it,” Alba told PEOPLE of incorporating the lipstick into her daily makeup routine. “I like to move it around, and then I just kind of layer it on if I want more pay off versus less.”

She adds: “And then I always use a little bit on my cheeks to tie in the color.”

Courtesy Honest Beauty

Engineered with a clean formula that Honest is known for, the Honest liquid lip range comes in seven shades retailing for $12.99 each.

“Wearing a liquid lip is also an easy way to feel like you are put together and have a makeup look on,” Alba shares. “We know that most people are time-starved whether you are a working woman or not, whether you are a parent or not — it shouldn’t take two hours to get ready. We are on the go and we have many things to do and we’ve got places to go and people to see. And if you can get your face on in the shortest amount of time possible, we want to help you be able to do that. You can trust us that it’s safe.”

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Below, the beauty boss shares some more insight on the hot new launch.

What inspired you to create liquid lipstick?
We don’t pay attention to trends when we formulate. It’s more of like, “How can we deliver staples that are really challenging to make in color using clean formulas?” And that’s kind of what we’re about. Our lineup is always curated. I want it to be essential things. So now we’re still building up even what the baseline of essentials are. But having a long-wear lip-color for me feels like an essential because whether you’re going to wear it on its own as a matte with full coverage or you want to wear it as a base and then put something that’s a little bit more glossy on top. It’s nice to be able to have that flexibility with a product like this.

What sets your formula apart from the others on the market?
Everything’s obviously cruelty free. We don’t quality test on animals and then whenever we can, we try to make a Vegan formula. So our lip balms in particular, there’s nothing like it on the market. It is clean and it also doesn’t use any animal byproducts.

How did you pick these shades?
We always want to create a nice range that looks good on different types of skin tones. That’s just something I’m always cognizant of. My family alone has a very diverse mix of skin tones. I like to test a lot of these colors on my own family members. On set of my latest show [L.A.’s Finest], I tried it on any actor that walked by. I tried them on my co-star Gab [Union]. We didn’t start with this very kind of like snowy white Caucasian skin tone and then move from there. We started actually in the middle and then we branched out from there. That’s kind of how we always try to formulate our colors.

Which color is your fave?
I love them all! I’m wearing the Fearless today. (Shop Alba’s favorite shade exclusively at

Can you kiss in a liquid lip?
I’d pick one of the more nude shades for date night. The formula isn’t too drying, which was important. If they want the kiss, they’ll get the kiss.

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How do you want to continue to see Honest Beauty Grow?
I sort of think of what are the things that I need the most payoff in and especially when I think of my long days on sets just because that’s just where I’ve spent most of my life. So for me it was like a killer mascara, a great liquid line. Having a long wear lip is important. That gives you actual pigment and payoff and shadows that actually show up and don’t just look like they’re different dirt colors. Because I felt like all the naturals are just like, “Ah, here’s some many shades of dirt.” And it was important for me that you actually get like, you know, some nice pigments and nice payoff in the shadow. So when the mascara, the shadows, the liquid line, and the long wear lip.