The busy moms talk about everything from sunscreen to bikinis and beyond!

By Brittany Talarico
Updated June 16, 2016 02:47 PM

Actress Jessica Alba and athlete Kerri Walsh Jennings have a lot in common. They’re born and raised California girls, busy moms and champions of healthy living. So when it came time to name The Honest Company‘s first brand ambassador, Alba didn’t think twice about joining forces with the Olympic beach volleyball player.

The organic collaboration celebrates not only the 2016 Olympic Games but the importance of applying and re-applying sunscreen 365 days a year. Alba and the Honest team are continuing to expand and improve their SPF products and just launched a brand-new SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen.

PeopleStyle sat down with the duo (who meshed so well, you’d think they were friends since birth) to discuss all things safe-sun, Olympics and beauty. Catch the highlights below!

Patrick Hannaway

Why is Kerri the right fit to represent The Honest Company?

Jessica: “Regardless of the Olympics, she’s just the perfect brand ambassador because she’s an awesome mom and she cares about children’s health and her own health. She lives an honest life, and she loves what the brand stands for. She does everything with such integrity, not only as a mom, but as an athlete. And when we launched our new SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen, there really couldn’t be a more perfect person who has three kids and who understands how important it is to apply sunscreen.”

Kerri: “For me as an athlete, Honest just suits every area of my life. I have no time to waste. I know we were just talking about family life and being a working mommy, you need stuff that’s efficient. I need stuff that performs and stuff I can trust and Honest products are that every single time. Reliability and integrity are huge with me.”

Have you converted your husbands to SPF fanatics?

Jessica: “I make mine [wear it]. Especially when my husband [Cash Warren] golfs. I put it in his backpack. I’m like, ‘You just have to reapply.’ He comes home at the end of the day with a burn — and he’s half-black and half-white. He’ll have a burn at the tops of his ears and his neck. And I’m like, ‘It’s because you don’t put sunscreen on. Just because you’re wearing a hat, that’s not enough!’

Kerri: “It’s part of our lifestyle at this point and it’s a necessity. My husband, he’s a cowboy at heart, and he’s just a manly man. We talk all the time like, ‘Wow, we wish we would have done this earlier.’ But we certainly want to set the tone for our kids, and we want to be the role models. We want to do it right. I have skin cancer in my family. I lost my Nana to it. So it hits home and it’s practical and it’s lifelong kind of things to live by. It’s a really big deal.”

How do you prevent your kids from squirming while putting on their sunscreen?

Jessica: “Oh, mine squirm. Mine run! I tell them, ‘If you want to continue swimming, you need to have sunscreen. We need to reapply. And you need to sit for 15 minutes.’ Sometimes I’ll give them a popsicle. You do need to let them sit out for 15 minutes and let it dry before they go back in.”

Kerri: “We use the connect-the-dot method. You just have to make it into a game.”

Do your daughters get involved in your beauty routines yet?

Jessica: “Mine steal my lip gloss. That’s the thing they try to steal out of my room. Or they really like to put my makeup on me. So they like to put a little bit of blush on or something. More than themselves.”

Kerri: “My little girl, she’s totally unaware. She looks at me differently when I am made up. I’m like, No, this is me!”

Jessica: “Honor calls it, ‘Oh, you have your tired eyes on’ when I don’t wear concealer. And I’m like, ‘This is just the way I look.'”

What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever received?

Jessica: “I think for me the best beauty tip is wear sunscreen and also have a good face regimen. So cleanse your face at night and have a moisturizer and an eye cream that you feel good about. And definitely protect yourself during the day. You have to be consistent.”

Kerri: “I think on top of that, beauty starts from the inside out. So the more you hydrate, the more you see it on your skin.”

What are three Honest products everyone should bring to Rio?

Jessica: “Sunscreen’s a must. I think everyone should bring the hand sanitizing spray, and the baby wipes. They’re a necessary thing to have in your life and they’re not flushable, and I don’t think any wipes should be flushable. But I do think they’re miracles and lots of people use them. Cheek to cheek. They can go everywhere.”

Kerri, what precautions are you taking against Zika?
“I will come prepared. I bring my own sprays and Honest has a great one which I brought with me in April. I certainly am gonna do my part. I also brought some eucalyptus oil. I went on Pinterest and I said what are the natural remedies. So I am going to go prepared. Jessica and I were talking about it. It’s winter there so it’s gonna be less of an issue. I feel like the media is making it a huge deal which I understand. But I am not going there like flipping a coin. I am going there prepared, and I am going to take all of the precautions.”

Do you have any packing tips for those going on summer trips?

Kerri: “I am the worst, oh man.”

Jessica: “I bring too little or too much.”

Kerri: “I love to shop, so I don’t know why I bring too much.”

Kerri, do you have a shopping list for Brazil?

“I usually buy Brazilian bikinis. I literally give away over 100 bikinis a year. But I probably have a good solid 50 just hanging out. I have the social ones and then the sporty ones.”

Are you excited for the summer Olympic games? What do you think of The Honest Company’s first brand ambassador? Share below!

–Brittany Talarico