The star's hair guru explains the inspiration behind her new look
Jessica Alba
Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty

Winter is time for chunky sweaters, vampy lips and rich, dark hair colors — just ask stars like Lucy Hale and Kylie Jenner, who have both gone darker this season. But while everyone is running to their colorists to swap their blonde hair for brown, Jessica Alba is doing the opposite.

Lately, the star has been creeping into blonde territory. So we tapped her longtime colorist, Robert Ramos, to find out what’s happening with her hair color transformation — and why we should consider going blonde when temps drop below 50.

It all started when Alba texted Ramos, informing him she needed her roots touched up, he tells PeopleStyle, adding that it was then that he decided to give her a brighter, “happier” highlight upgrade. “I just said, ‘Jessica I took you a little lighter, to add more happiness,’ and she said, ‘I love it!'”

Since her original change a few weeks ago, her hair has been looking even lighter, which Ramos explains tends to happen over time. “We colored it a few months ago, and then about three weeks ago, we went a little lighter,” Ramos explains. “We decided to bump it up a little bit brighter.”

To create the look, which he considers a “honey blonde” highlighted shade, Ramos says he relied on his usual highlighting technique, which he’s been using on her since she was about 19 years old: adding hand-painted highlights to her ends

“We went ahead and did highlights on her, and then I just painted the ends freehand to make the ends a little bit lighter, and I went a little lighter on the highlights as well,” he explains.

But the key to sticking to Alba’s signature natural look, Ramos says, is all in the roots and the shades he chooses. “When I highlight her, I do a regular highlight, but I feather the root so it always looks grown in a little bit and irregular. It has that feel that maybe it has grown out. I use three different shades on her, just to make it look more lived-in and more natural. It never looks like fresh highlights.”

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