The star opens up about her low-key style and beauty philosophies
Jessica Alba
Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty

Jessica Alba inspires us in just about everything she does, from how she puts together clothes to how she runs her businesses. In 2015, the star’s Honest Company got into the skincare and makeup game with Honest Beauty, eventually adding a hair line last year. Alba and Honest continue to innovate and add to the brand’s offerings, recently launching the Everything Organic facial oil that can be used on both skin and hair, as well as the Truly Kissable Lip Kit, which includes two pretty lip crayons and Honest’s trademark Magic Balm, just in time for Valentine’s Day. We sat down with Alba for a Facebook Live to get the latest intel on the Honest world, learn her best beauty tips and tricks, find out where she gets her style inspiration and so much more. Watch and learn!

A few key takeaways:

-Alba’s all about the no-makeup movement, although she loves wearing makeup personally. “I’m all for people feeling great about themselves,” she says.

-Where does she get her style inspiration? Pinterest! Although she jokingly describes her style as “hot mess,” Alba admits she just wants to wear pajamas and sneakers every day, and she’s grateful for the athleisure trend for allowing her to do that. (Pssst: Follow her on Pinterest to see exactly what’s inspiring her at the moment.)

-Alba reveals that Honest Beauty has a “ba-nanas” retinol product in development for fall that’s “going to change the game.”

-For every day she doesn’t blow-dry her hair, she simply sprays her Honest Beauty moisture milk leave-in conditioner in the ends, sea salt spray at her roots, then puts her strands in twists during her drive to work. When she arrives she takes apart the twists and is left with natural, easy waves.

What tips did you learn from Alba? Have you tried Honest Beauty products? Let us know below!

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